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2019 Arena World Championship | Spring Cup #2 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

wow5 - 2019 Arena World Championship | Spring Cup #2 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

Arena World Championship – Spring Cup #2

arena - 2019 Arena World Championship | Spring Cup #2 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

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The Arena World Championship (AWC) Spring Season continues this weekend! Azeroth’s fiercest gladiators have clashed in the open bracket portion of the tournament already. Now, only the top 8 teams from Europe remain. Tune in to see some of the world’s best arena players fight for the coveted AWC points which earn qualification to the Spring Finals!

  • All matches for AWC Spring Cup #1 will be played on
    hotfixes february 4 2019 - 2019 Arena World Championship | Spring Cup #2 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️8.1

Watch the action LIVE Fri, Sat & Sun @

Enter the Arena

The AWC is a seasonal tournament taking place across five regions globally. For North America and Europe, each season features six Cups per region, which are played weekly. Each Cup will have points on offer, which will be used to determine who will participate in the cross-region Seasonal Finals. For more information about competitive Arena globally, check out our 2019 WoW esports overview, and for more information about AWC in North America and Europe, see the official ruleset.


Beginning February 8 through March 24, we will be broadcasting every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a one-week break the weekend of March 15-17). Each broadcast day will begin at 10 a.m. PT/7 p.m. CET, live on Twitch.

Start Times

EU Top 8NA Top 8Championship Sun
Fri – Feb 15Sat – Feb 16Sun – Feb 17
10:00 a.m. PDT10:00 a.m. PDT10:00 a.m. PDT
1:00 p.m. EDT1:00 p.m. EDT1:00 p.m. EDT
18:00 CET18:00 CET18:00 CET

Hosts and Casters

EU Teams

Method BlackPlot TwistTempo StormChange My Mind
Rogue – OutlawPriestMage – ArcaneDruid – Resto
Priest – DisciplineMageDruid – Restoration
Shaman – ElementalMonk – WWShaman – ElementalPriest – Shadow
MageDruid – BalanceRogue – OutlawRogue
Wildcard GamingGroup TherapyWe Were HereCGN Gold
Druid – RestoWarlockDeath KnightWarlock
Shaman – ElePriest- ShadowMonkShaman
MageShaman – RestoMonkMonk – Monk
WarriorMonk – WWShaman – ele

NA Teams

The MoveSuper Frogs4 FunThe Rejects
Rogue – AssassinationWarlockMonk – MWPaladin – Holy
Priest – ShadowMulticlassMageRogue
Shaman – RestorationWarriorWarlockMulticlass
HunterRogue – AssassinationRogueMonk – WW
Method OrangeGetchur Boy DogNever LuckyThe Boys
Shaman – RestoMageDeathknightShaman – Restoration
Demon Hunter & MonkDruid – FeralShaman – RestoWarrior – Arms
Death KnightMonk – WWWarriorWarlock – Destro
Druid & MagePriest- ShadowDruid – BalanceMonk – WW


Discuss away!

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