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2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

wow2 - 2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

Arena World Championship – Summer Cup #1

arena - 2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

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The Summer Season of the 2019 Arena World Championship (AWC) is here! Though a grueling Spring Season just recently ended, it’s time for the world’s best PvP-ers in World of Warcraft to battle it out in the Arena Cup, a challenging series of tournaments leading into the second LAN of the year, the AWC Summer Finals. At the Summer Finals teams will compete for $100,000 and two qualification spots to BlizzCon. The first Cup has already begun and the top 8 teams have already been decided in NA & EU after an explosive Open Bracket.

  • All matches for AWC Summer Cup #1 will be played on
    hotfixes june 10 2019 - 2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️8.1.5

Watch the action LIVE Sat & Sun @


⚔️ Enter the Arena ⚔️

The 2019 AWC consists of two seasons of online cups which reward points. Teams with the most points at the end of each season qualify for the cross-region Seasonal Finals. Each Seasonal Final offers qualification spots to the Global Finals taking place at BlizzCon in November. Cloud9 already punched their tickets to BlizzCon at the Spring Finals, and the teams who place first and second at the Summer Finals will meet them there.


Top 8 EU – Friday, June 1410:00AM18:00CEST12:00PM
Top 8 NA – Saturday10:00AM18:00CEST12:00PM
Top 4 NA & EU – Championship Sunday10:00AM18:00CEST12:00PM

🎤 Hosts and Casters

🔗 Resources

Top 8 Teams

EU Teams

Method BlackPlot TwistABCChange My Mind
Rogue – OutlawPriestMage – ArcaneDruid – Resto
Priest – DisciplineMageDruid – Restoration
Shaman – ElementalMonk – WWShaman – ElementalPriest – Shadow
MagewarlockRogue – OutlawRogue
Wildcard GamingChoccy Milk MenZizonABC
Druid – RestoMageShamanMage
Shaman – EleDruid – RestoWarlockShaman – Elemental
MageRogueWarriorMulticlass DPS
WarriorRet – PaladinDruid – RestoDruid – Resto

NA Teams

The MoveCloud95 BlinksM2KC
Rogue – AssassinationMagePriestPaladin – Holy
Priest – ShadowWarlockRogueRogue
Shaman – RestorationMageMulticlass
Method OrangeSTORMNever LuckyThe Boys
Shaman – RestoShaman – RestoDeathknightShaman – Restoration
Demon Hunter & MonkRogueShaman – RestoWarrior – Arms
Death KnightWarlockWarriorWarlock – Destro
Druid & MageMageDruid – BalanceMonk – WW

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Discuss away!

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