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2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

wow2 - 2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️

Arena World Championship – Summer Cup #1

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The Summer Season of the 2019 Arena World Championship (AWC) is here! Though a grueling Spring Season just recently ended, it’s time for the world’s best PvP-ers in World of Warcraft to battle it out in the Arena Cup, a challenging series of tournaments leading into the second LAN of the year, the AWC Summer Finals. At the Summer Finals teams will compete for $100,000 and two qualification spots to BlizzCon. The first Cup has already begun and the top 8 teams have already been decided in NA & EU after an explosive Open Bracket.

  • All matches for AWC Summer Cup #1 will be played on
    hotfixes june 10 2019 - 2019 Arena World Championship | Summer Cup #1 | Live Discussion Thread ⚔️8.1.5.

Watch the action LIVE Sat & Sun @


⚔️ Enter the Arena ⚔️

The 2019 AWC consists of two seasons of online cups which reward points. Teams with the most points at the end of each season qualify for the cross-region Seasonal Finals. Each Seasonal Final offers qualification spots to the Global Finals taking place at BlizzCon in November. Cloud9 already punched their tickets to BlizzCon at the Spring Finals, and the teams who place first and second at the Summer Finals will meet them there.


Broadcast Day PDT CEST EST
Top 8 EU – Friday, June 14 10:00AM 18:00CEST 12:00PM
Top 8 NA – Saturday 10:00AM 18:00CEST 12:00PM
Top 4 NA & EU – Championship Sunday 10:00AM 18:00CEST 12:00PM

🎤 Hosts and Casters

🔗 Resources

Top 8 Teams

EU Teams

Method Black Plot Twist ABC Change My Mind
Whaazz Numliz Alec Minpojke
Rogue – Outlaw Priest Mage – Arcane Druid – Resto
Chas Yesdave Asgarath Friedkitteh
Priest – Discipline Mage Druid – Restoration
Swapxy Rezuz Jaime Vilaye
Shaman – Elemental Monk – WW Shaman – Elemental Priest – Shadow
Raiku Inferion Niksi Akrololz
Mage warlock Rogue – Outlaw Rogue
Wildcard Gaming Choccy Milk Men Zizon ABC
Loony Gelubaba Jaime Alec
Druid – Resto Mage Shaman Mage
Zeepeye Cylde Merce Jaime
Shaman – Ele Druid – Resto Warlock Shaman – Elemental
Maro Racher Nerdrage Niksi
Mage Rogue Warrior Multiclass DPS
Blizo Mystic Drainerx Asgarath
Warrior Ret – Paladin Druid – Resto Druid – Resto

NA Teams

The Move Cloud9 5 Blinks M2KC
Pikaboo Chanimal Nyoxx Rubcub
Rogue – Assassination Mage Priest Paladin – Holy
Wizk Snutz Nessper Roastyz
Priest – Shadow Warlock Rogue Rogue
Absterge Kubzy Vultz Jahmilli
Shaman – Restoration Mage Multiclass
Jellybeans Wealthyman Xynryt Rostiajonez
Hunter Mage Priest Multiclass
Method Orange STORM Never Lucky The Boys
Cdew Metaphors Vellido Gorecki
Shaman – Resto Shaman – Resto Deathknight Shaman – Restoration
Trill Nessper Kolo Smexxin
Demon Hunter & Monk Rogue Shaman – Resto Warrior – Arms
Mes Maldiva Zach Thugonomics
Death Knight Warlock Warrior Warlock – Destro
Samiyam Ozai Packrats Chunli
Druid & Mage Mage Druid – Balance Monk – WW

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