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A brief note on toxicity.

wow2 - A brief note on toxicity.

There's gonna be a lot of toxic people in games, we've all come to accept this. But this little diddy isn't about anger towards GMs or CMs, or about raids or anything, it's just about remembering people on the other side of your screen are real people. People with flaws, with lives of their own, who have memories, some good and painful.

Yesterday when leveling a hunter in preperation for Zandalari, I got into a "The Blood Furnace" instance. The tank mentioned that they'd never tanked before. I told them that I had them as a misdirect target to help with aggro, and they pulled. They pulled too much and died; but before they even hit release, they willfully left the group. I whispered, telling him that he didn't do too bad, just it was a big pull, but he'd get the hang of it. The tank mentioned that they normally play DPS, and " thought what's the harm in trying tank, right?". I told him no one was born tanking mythic, we all start somewhere. Didn't hear from him again.

And tonight, I'm sitting at the Veiled Grotto flight path, catching some fish for feasts, and someone whispers me as they had their player across the river from mine, asking if I knew where the KR summon stone was. For horde players who may not know the name, Veiled Grotto is literally within spitting distance of the Atal entrance, so we were right there. I said I did, joined his group, and on Druidback, carried him to the entrance. They told me, "Never ever is there nice people on this game lol". I assured him it wasn't an issue to take a moment to help, and that he was already being a good person by taking the initiative to be at the dungeon's entrance before forming his keystone/m0.


But, it just had me think on how toxic we can be to newer players and the inexperienced. We can bitch and gripe and moan about how shitty some things are in this expansion, what we're losing and rightfully so in many many cases. We can get mad at players for willfully messing up in spite, or frustrated because they aren't grasping a mechanic, but if it takes less than 2 minutes to tell or show someone where a dungeon entrance is, throw them a bone. If your dungeon takes an extra 5 because the leveling tank wants to pause before engaging every pack, trying to figure out something, let them.

I don't really have a way to end this thought, but maybe just take 5 seconds of your day when you play to help outweigh the bad moments. Tell someone their transmog looks nice, or even if it clashes, that one super high piece of gear they have is awesome. Compliment someone on their DPS or their disspells, or encourage them if there's improvement to be had. Maybe go out into frostfire to kill the boss wolf that drops a mount and give it to a level 20 player you see with >100 achievement points. See a newbie nearing level 60 and give them 200 gold for flying so they can enjoy the world more.

Changes in the expansion and gameplay sucks. Our personalities don't have to.

*Edit, changed too, to 'do'.

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