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A “concise” guide to the Noblegarden event

wow10 - A "concise" guide to the Noblegarden event

Alright ladies and gentlemen, Noblegarden has started.

Let's get to work.

Summary :

Get around starter towns, look for the eggs, loot some chocolate from the eggs and buy the rewards from the nearby vendors. No special boss, nothing fancy – quick and easy.

Alliance towns :

  • Goldshire (Elwynn Forest)
  • Kharanos (Dun Morogh)
  • Dolanaar (Teldrassil – get there with Zidormi's help if you're 110+)
  • Azure Watch (Azuremyst Isle)

Horde towns :

  • Razor Hill (Durotar)
  • Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore)
  • Brill (Tirisfal Glades – get there with Zidormi's help if you're 110+)
  • Falconwing Square (Eversong Woods)

Restrictions :

Technically none, however two rewards are level-restricted, and one of them is also class-restricted :

  • item=72145 - A "concise" guide to the Noblegarden eventSwift Springstrider is a mount, so it requires at least level 20 (and the first mount skill)
  • Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit requires a level 60+ Mage (and it's bound on pickup on top of that)

In short : yes, you can get everything except the mage tome on a starter/unsubscribed account (level 20 max).

Rewards :

When you open a Brightly Colored Egg you found, most of the time you'll get exactly 1 Noblegarden Chocolate and nothing else. Those chocolates are the event's currency.

Take note of the "most of the time" : some rewards can also drop from the eggs instead of a chocolate.

Here's the full reward table :

TypeItemCostCan drop from eggsNotes
AppearanceBlack Spring Circlet50NoEvent-restricted transmog
Appearanceitem=151804 - A "concise" guide to the Noblegarden eventBlack Tuxedo Pants25YesEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceBlue Spring Circlet50NoEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceBrown Spring Circlet50NoEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceEgg BasketNoEvent-restricted transmog ; Quest reward from the vendor
AppearanceElegant Dress50YesEvent-restricted transmog
AppearancePink Spring Circlet50NoEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceSpring Circlet50YesEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceSpring Robes50YesEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceWhite Tuxedo Shirt25YesEvent-restricted transmog
AppearanceYellow Spring Circlet50NoEvent-restricted transmog
MountSwift Springstrider500
Fucking Yes
Ground mount
Class Tomeitem=44793 - A "concise" guide to the Noblegarden eventTome of Polymorph: Rabbit100NoRequires level 60+ Mage
Pet (combat)Noblegarden Bunny200No
Pet (combat)Spring Rabbit's Foot100YesThe pet is named "Spring Rabbit"
Pet (passive)Mystical Spring Bouquet100No
ToyNoble Gardener's Hearthstone250NoAlternative Hearthstone
MiscBlossoming Branch10YesConsumable (5 charges)
MiscSpring Flowers50YesNot transmoggable
MiscNoblegarden Egg5NoMake your own egg hunt ; same content as a regular egg (so you lose 4 chocolates overall)

In total, you'll need about 1700 chocolates (if you're an incredibly unlucky level 60+ Mage).


Tips & tricks :

  • Most important : don't buy anything until you have all the chocolates you'll need. You can loot some of the rewards in the eggs, lowering the grind. As an example, I got the mount after ~400 eggs, removing 500 chocolates from the total cost. Barring some extreme case of unluckyness, you should get all the droppable rewards way before you have all the chocolates.
  • Don't run around – stay in one spot and farm the same few eggs around you. They respawn incredibly fast.
  • Other players will come and take the eggs right under your nose. Like in real life. Deal with it like a decent fellow.
  • Take this event like an idle/clicker game, so prepare youself for a mind-numbing grind. Good thing you only need a few hours to get everything.
  • Two nice macros (adapt for your game's language) :
    • /use Brightly Colored Egg : will open an egg in your inventory. Spam until you can't open anything else. Why ? because eggs themselves can't be placed on the action bars, but a macro can.
    • #showtooltip Noblegarden Chocolate : will show your current number of chocolates in your inventory. Also has the added benefit of not eating a chocolate if you mistakenly click it.


Meta-achievement : Noble Gardener (title : "<name> the Noble").

Pretty much self-explanatory, but keep in mind that you'll need 100 more chocolates for Chocoholic, and another 5 for Noble Garden (A) / Noble Garden (H). Everything else will be looted/bought during the chocolate grind.

Useful links :

That's it. Happy egg hunting farming !

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