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A longtime Frost Death Knight’s perspective on why wow is not as good as it used to be.

wow4 - A longtime Frost Death Knight's perspective on why wow is not as good as it used to be.

This is a rambling post of mine from another thread I wanted to share and discuss. I also want to preface this for whatever it's worth, I'm in my early 20's and have been playing wow since Wotlk, casually and then more seriously in cata onwards as I got older and gained the means to play more. I have seen the depth and complexity of the game devolve and I don't think people from any demographic they may be aiming for, people that play RPG's and specifically MMORPG's necessarily want that level of simplicity.

I loved cata too actually, but cata was the start of pruning and reduction. I'm gonna give you my honest breakdown of the disgusting prune in wow that started in cata, and to be clear here I started playing casually in wrath, and started to consider myself as not casual in cata and have not stopped playing until 3-4 weeks into bfa when I couldn't take it anymore, and I don't consider myself an old player as I'm in my early 20's. In wWOTLK we had these talent trees, then we go to this in Cata we objectively go down in choice, and at least in cata we DID get new abilities to compensate so it wasn't too horrible. They started doing this out of "fear" of overbloat but the reality is they just weren't happy with 3v3 arena not being understandable to normal people who don't play wow so they have been trying to lower abilities, add flair and gcd to cooldowns to accomplish this and they have failed the core players along the way. We move onto MOP to find this… but atleast mop, like cata had refreshed the game by changing around some niches or removing and adding a couple abilities… yet the talents get weaker. All of these mistakes come from a fear based mentality that building onto the talents and abilities we already had would be "too much" even though they were why we played the game. Now the game is sour now to a lot of mains of classes going on multiple expansions. In WOD they continued the prune, especially cc in pvp because carebears didn't like it or something.

Then Legion came…. this is the big bait and switch…. In legion they totally pruned classes to a point where you aren't even a specilization anymore, for example as a Frost Death Knight main. In Legion, you are now a set hero, the Duel Wielding Frost Knight, you are NOT a Frost specialized Death Knight. You LOSE presences, weapon choice(i dont care if 2h did 2% less damage i would always run it even in pvp, but I would also minmax literally anything or everything else in the game because that's how I played wow…), and death strike was severely nerfed to cost 45 runic power ( they actually buffed DS in 8.1 which shows half baked attempt to reach the old days). F&B DK's also lost death coil as a ranged damage RP spender choice(can't remember when this even happened it's been so long they took it), and you are FORCED to DUAL WIELD. This was horrifying….

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But in Legion there was still a burning light… It was the artifact weapons, the legendaries, and the set bonuses. For god's sake nighthold had a class based trinket! All of these things eventually evolved ( key word, advanced gameplay and fulfilled desires, like making a set bonus that makes it so RIME gives RP, shit nerdy dks only DREAM of) our hyper spec locked heros into something so advanced down it's linear path it still had an amazing feeling. It was NOT the haste….. however much Ion want's to strawman the problem to be players missing haste.

But now in BFA we are stuck with Legion's horrible base class design where they consider specializations classes of their own. Now we have no artifact weapons, set bonuses, or legionaries to fill the void in our classes and hearts. Now we have an Azerite NecklaceTM that gives us "abilities" that are actually passive stat stick procs in disguise. I don't want to sound so foul but it pisses me off, it's like the devs want the people who play mobas to play wow. This is wow 10 years ago and wow today

When others like me talk about this and why they miss it we get shut down and told it's basically over for us and this is how wow is now, in my opinion it doesn't have to be. In my opnion they game could be immensely successful again if they appealed to the people who love wow for what is was. I also think people believe "mmos just aren't popular anymore" are stupid because they never were…. It was just wow and runescape, there are no other mmo's because they were amazing compared to other games….Not just some fad. FF14 is fun but it's nothing compared to what wow was and people know that, no offense to the game or it's players, sad I have to preface that.

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The game literally doesn't reward you psychologically like it used to as well. I can write an essay on why titan forging ruined pleasure of obtaining items. Forced personal loot is annoying but the real kicker has always been the actually infinite timegating grind of item level forging. Not only that but it rewards noobs who get super lucky so now you have to play with people who literally do not deserve their item level , as mean as that sounds.

People go on reddit and complain groups are too strict and want too high IL, and it's annoyign when the RL has a lower IL I agree but it's a symptom of blizzard babying the players so now the elite players have to literally gatekeep more then they already would for good reason now, so they have successful raids without people who are ACTUALLY entitled.

Something to know, the BALANCE of classes is irrelevant to some of the prune. The team has done great balancing in most expansions actually, but are the classes worth playing is the question? and in BFA we have both problems.

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