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A new collection tab and other suggestions

wow7 - A new collection tab and other suggestions

y85QZr1 - A new collection tab and other suggestions


Instead of glyphs make a new collection tab for each class where they can customise summons and other spells, with assets already in the game.

Theses cosmetics wouldn't be anything new but assets that already exist in the game, so blizzard would have to spend a lot of resources coming up with new ideas. Its clear people want this as first blizzard introduced transmog as people wanted to change their gear, and then later they added collections as away to run old content and invest time playing in the game.

They can be collected through varies means such as professions, old world drops, existing raids, and rep. Much like mounts/pet/toys.

An example of this already being implemented in the game is with shaman enchants dropping from old raid bosses and being added to the enchant collection tab. If they can put this much effort in to a minigame with battle pets surely they can do the same for the main game.


DRUIDS – They can have new forms in this tab.

  • e.g, In Suramar city if you use the masquerade ability in cat form you turn in to a manasabre, this could be a new cat form much like the fire form
  • In Val'sharah there are models for a corrupted treant form.

Its unfortunate that druids get a few model updates after so many expansions, but warriors who are know for being weapon masters can have 100s of new weapons for example.


  • Glyph of the wild Moonkin – hide your weapon/s (staff on back) – if you have to attack in melee use your claws, this brings it in line with the rest of the forms. as bear/cat show no weapons.

WARLOCK – new minion skins

  • there is at least 50 different imp models in the game, put them all in the collection tab and let people make a choice. Most of them are various colours with different colour fire. I've included old models too as you can still transmog vanilla gear if you want, and hunters can still tame some vanilla pet looks.

(In the image I made a mock up what it could look like for warlock imp skins)

(In the image I made a mock up what it could look like for warlock imp skins)


  • Elementals – there is loads of fire/earth elementals already in the game. from these to these
    • or even the fire elementals in the Fireland raid
    • maybe even change them to be air/water as well depending on spec or flavour
  • Ghost wolf forms and feral spirits for enhancement
  • Hex – a tab showing you all the hex variants in the game, so you know which you are missing as you have to go to external websites to see what they have added and if some are even in the game (is hex: snake even in the game?)
  • maybe even Totems – have the old totems for each race, possible way of collecting non playable race totems like ogre or furbolg.


  • polymorph variants – atleast if its in the collection we can find out which variants are in the game and where they drop from as no knows where to get polymorph:penguin
  • water elementals – again similar to shamans, perhaps they can use the mana elemental models if you want an arcane touch



  • Shadow fiend – there's already customisation options in the form of glyphs, this way you can have a visualisation of them all
  • Spirit form


  • Collect ALL pet skins
  • Instead of having a stables with 205 slots, add it as a collection tab, like with mounts/ pets/ toys/ appearances. This way people would go out in to the old world and collect all the skins available. It's clear that people like collecting things that are already in the game otherwise the other collection tabs wouldn't have been added.

Most of these ideas were glyphs anyway but glyphs have been abandoned and this would be a needed rework giving it an updated UI. as they would be easy to find in a collection tab, and can be changed through an NPC like transmog is. Of course this is just an example of some ideas that could be added.


Other Hunter suggestions

  • Flying pets – Allow flying pets (birds of prey, carrion birds, etc) to fly when you're on your flying mount.
    • In vanilla when you mounted pets would dismiss, I think they made pets begin to follow you on ground mounts around WoD. They should do the same for flying mounts as they now have the technology as seen with the smart quest NPCs who change from ground mounts to flying mounts when you do.
  • Bring back pet panel – when you open the character panel have tab to view the pet model, this used to exist but was removed, the only way to view your pet now is if you go to a stable.
  • Add a cosmetic pet gear slot – like with mounts who already have one, Add an option for pets to have a gear slot, to equip cosmetics.
    • E.g crabs have the toy "crab shank" or some other cosmetic like giving it a hat to wear, they could go in this slot. or you could apply the 15% smaller pet size glyph to that slot too, etc.
  • Flavour "tricks" abilities -Some pets already have an extra ability like bears have "sleep" and foxes have "play", add some more for all pet families as animation are already in the game.
  • Aquatic pets -Add a new pet specialisation "Aquatic", and with it new pet families that can only be used in water, much like aquatic mounts. e.g. tame sharks, or seahorses .In addition to the five active pets slots have a sixth dedicated to aquatic pets. This would mostly be for fun as we're not in water a lot but there's lots of pets to tame.
  • wickerbeast pets – drop a tome to unlock taming of the drust wicker beasts
  • Track Aberration – hunters can track almost everything on the mini map except aberrations.
  • ammunition types – bring back way to change ammunition types, that allowed to use fire/frost/poison arrows, like the ability in WoD, or make it cosmetic as hunters cant enchant their weapons.


Other Ideas

  • Reagent Bank – GW2 reagent bank, have a dedicated slot for each reagent so you can have 200 of each material.
  • Bank tabs – like guild banks, and options to purchase tabs for your personal bank.
  • Transmog for fishing poles – so you can collect all appearances, and apply to the pole your using.
    • or maybe even change your basic campfire
  • Micro holiday: argent tournament mini event
    • or Add jousting event to darkmoon faire
  • pvp mercenary mode – do the same thing for lfg/ dungeon finder. As the expansion goes on no one queues for the first wing of the first raid, leaving you in the queue for over an hour. use the technology from bfa
  • mount equipment: underwater breathing


  • add garrison to wow companion app – so I can do mission from my phone, much like I can still do legion/bfa mission even though its old content.
  • wow pet battle app

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