World of Warcraft

A small leveling guide made by an altoholic. (Horde)

wow6 - A small leveling guide made by an altoholic. (Horde)

I made this leveling guide for a guildie of mine, but why not share it here? So here you go.

Welcome to Zoe's leveling guide. From 1-64 you want to do Durotar, Stonetalon, Northern Barrens
and Winterspring with dungeons mixed in. (And bgs if you're into pvp. Note: pvp sucks at level 20-29 because of twinks.)

Once you're level 64, you can choose to go to Northrend and do Borean Tundra and Dragonblight… or you can turn on party sync and go through the zones from 1-64 again. To turn on party sync, you could ask a friend who's still in that leveling range. You could also get a second pc/laptop and make a bnet account to have a starter edition account for party sync. (You could also do /who in for example northern barrens and whisper a random person to see if you can make a party with them.) If you do Northrend, queue for either TBC or Wrath dungeons, both are fine. If you party synced, ask the person if they want to do dungeons. Who doesn't love Deadmines at level 74?

At 80, you could continue with party sync leveling (zones like Hillsbrad are also great) or you could go to Pandaria. For Pandaria I would recommend Jade Forest and any other zone. (except for Townlong Steppes.)


Once you're 90, stop party sync IMMEDIATELY. Use the Gorgrond skip in timeless isle and fly to your garrison to build it. Pick up the treasures in Frostfire along the way. If you do not have flying, I would recommend doing the intro to Draenor. Complete the first set of quests in your garrison up until the quest where you need to go to Wor'gol. Start doing all the bonus objectives in Frostfire and collect the treasure. You should hit level 92 or 93. (Once you hit 91, buy an xp potion from your garrison quatermaster.) Go to Gorgrond right now. Gorgrond is the best leveling zone in wow currently. For some reason, most quests give double the xp. Start questing, collect treasure and do bonus objectives. For your Gorgrond garrison, pick the shredder. Both are good, but the shredder is better. You can easily hit level 100 in Gorgrond alone. Right before you hit level 100, go to your garrison and use another xp potion. You can't use them at level 100, but they continue working if you drink them before hitting 100. Once you are 100, do bonues objectives and treasures in Talador and Nagrand. You will hit something between level 102 and 104. (You can guarantee level 104 by also doing Spires of Arak, but the bonus objectives in Spires of Arak FUCKING SUCK.)

Once you're done with Draenor, go to the Broken Isles and get your artifact weapon/unlock your order hall. You can now choose to level with party sync or do legion stuff. Do legion invasions whenever they're up. (Do legion invasions until you hit 111) Fun fact: the chests that spawn in the underbelly give you about half a quest worth of xp.

The same applies to BfA. Get your neck, go to Zandalar. You can now choose to do three things. You can level through party sync, regular questing and leveling through island expeditions. Party sync is the same as in the 64-80 bracket. I would recommend doing faction incursions if you choose for regular BfA leveling, since a 10% xp buff is nice. I'm not going to explain island expedition leveling.

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