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A thought dump on why I am walking away from Classic. I learned a lesson, and wish to pass it on.

wow3 - A thought dump on why I am walking away from Classic. I learned a lesson, and wish to pass it on.

This will be a long read, I can't really sum it up in a TLDR. But it's just a thought dump on why I am leaving Classic WoW behind and I wanted to see if anyone else is going through something similar, or has thoughts of their own they want to share.

For some context, I am just your ordinary dude, 25, I have a full time, professional career. I have a fiancee and 3 cats. With this life I still managed to get away with playing an obscene amount over the past month-and-a-half.

I plowed my way to 60 with my brother, found an incredible guild with great members, got decked out in pre-raid BiS and was in MC on week 5? of Classic dropping. I remember distinctly that I had to log out and renew my sub during our first MC run because I received the message that I had 1 hour of game time left while in-game, and I subbed the day Classic dropped. We wiped on Rag twice, so we finally resorted to the UBRS buff. We pwned Rag before hitting his second phase. I would personally consider it to have been easy. Everyone has different opinions on difficulty in video games, but to me, this was easy.

Anyways, I hated the raid. Absolutely hated it. It made me want to quit the game. The whole time I was thinking to myself how badly I didn't want to be there and that I just wanted to leave. I had to analyze why that was.

Well let's see. I loved leveling up, I had an absolute blast with my brother, who I leveled with the entire way. We only played our main toons when we were both online together. The feelings I got when receiving gear upgrades, when completing long quest chains, when reaching certain talents, etc. were all absolutely fantastic. The feeling I got from finally getting HoJ, or both of the Rend swords, was out of this world. Truly ecstatic and unlike anything rewards in modern games have given me. I would go to bed and have dreams about that dungeon boss dropping the loot I needed. I dreamed of my brother and I somehow managing to two-man the first boss in UBRS so I could get the shoulders all to myself. I was in deep, trust me. I was addicted.

I love the RPG aspects of Classic WoW. The feeling of my choices mattering with talents and weapons. The long treks between cities, to and from questing zones or dungeon entrances. The threat of death and consequences for everything. The utter immersion. The sense of community was awesome too. Seeing players and knowing that I'll run into them again. Seeing that godly warrior who carried us through SM, standing next to me in Ironforge. Or rejecting that hunter from our LFM request because we remember him being a jerk. The music!! The ambience in general. All so good. 10 out of 10.

After thinking about it, what I realized was that I hate the actual gameplay of Classic WoW. Yes, hate. Ever since fighting panthers and owls on Teldrassil, I despised the fact that half my abilities missed. Opening with garrote out of stealth for it to miss feels like crap. Wasting energy on backstab, from behind, only for the bear to dodge it, feels bad. I thought to myself things would be different when I reach the hit soft cap. I put up with it and more or less ignored it, because the rest of the game was that good. I didn't even make an effort to ignore it, it just happened.


But when I reached 60 and achieved pre-raid BiS, things did not feel different. Doing 70% of my damage from white hits is just flat out boring. My abilities actually work now, but I still only get to cast two sinister strikes before standing around for the next eternity. Waiting 2 minutes in between being able to fight two mobs at once (adrenaline rush) is not fun to me.

Someone in a similar thread (not mine, someone posting about not liking raiding) on the Classic sub said "you have a much lower tolerance for bullshit now" and I think that hits it on the head. Maybe he was referring to guild drama or something entirely different. But for me, it's the gameplay. I have realized that I consider the actual gameplay of Classic WoW to be bullshit. And I am over it.

It was when I realized this, that I threw in the towel myself. I was on the flight path to Thorium Point yesterday, good ol' reset day, and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't bear the thought of 3 hours of pure gameplay. Because let's be honest, while in the raid, that's all it is – gameplay. Repetitive gameplay. Gameplay that misses all of the other pros that I listed above. So it was essentially 3 hours of only the cons.

I straight up just logged off, mid-flight. Simple as that. And let me tell you, it felt great to walk away.

I actually learned a valuable lesson here, maybe I can pass it on to some folks feeling obligated to play a game (any game) when they don't really want to. It's OK to walk away from something when you are done with it. I leveled to 60. I raided MC. I even got Onyxia's head, ME! Just another rogue in the guild. Not even 2 months into the game, and I got the head?! <Insert joke about getting head so early>. I had previously put a lot of pressure on myself from all the hype that surrounds this game. I now reject that pressure to play the game, despite everyone saying it's the "real" version of WoW, before it got "ruined". The message is, if you are done, walk away. And I'm not trying to say you are only done when you achieve what I have achieved, not at all. You are done when you reach the point where the vast majority of what remains for you is stuff you don't like.

I feel very accomplished and lucky for what I was able to experience in Classic. But now I have reached the point where my time in-game focuses more and more on what I consider to be negatives, and less on the aspects of the game I thought were amazing.

Currently, I am leveling a Mag'har prot. warrior and loving the shit out of it.

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