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Account suspended for “disruptive gameplay”; world pvp mass report

wow8 - Account suspended for "disruptive gameplay"; world pvp mass report

Good evening, earlier today me and some friends acquired the hivemind mount then went on an epic hour long world pvp romp throughout stormsong valley, we engaged with a large group of alliance ganking players at seeker's vista and waged war on them for a long time, it was tons of fun. Later today I got home to do my alliance assault on Stormsong, finished the quest then logged out. Briefly after I was notified by email that my account was suspended for 72 hours due to disruptive gameplay, which I can only assume was a consequence of the alliance ganking we did earlier today. I streamed all of it and it's clear we never corpse camped anyone, we just patrolled the zone taking out groups of alliance and helping our fellow horde friends.

If this ban goes through my guild will be unable to reclear ghuun before xmas, which is a big deal. What the hell is going on? Does blizzard just allow bans to go through if a certain threshold number of reports is submitted?



Twitch link removed because against the rules, but the whole thing was streamed

Edit 2:

Video added back because people asked

Edit 3: No response yet from GMs but holy Christmas carp a lot of replies here on reddit, absolutely hilarious to see some people who show up on the video popping in here to comment! Shout out to mystery rogue who killed our healer and poor dwarf hunter who watches himself dying repeatedly. We love you.

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