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Allied race DK customization options (and lack thereof)

wow1 - Allied race DK customization options (and lack thereof)

The allied race Death Knights feel very unfinished and lazy. The only thing that separates a Zandalari DK and a Zandalari Warrior is the eye glow. So, what if there was actual effort put into the customization of the allied race DKs?

What if Nightborne DKs had more of a Withered/Nightfallen look to them, or at least a similar face/skin customization? Yeah they're not addicts anymore but withering away isn't exclusive to mana addiction, and it'd make sense to slowly fall apart after being artificially brought back to life.

What if Highmountain DKs, instead of their tribal warpaints, had death runes painted/etched onto their horns and fur, and little relics/bones/whatever added into their hair instead of feathers to symbolize their transformation into the undead?

What if Lightforged DKs (for whatever bs reason they're allowed to exist) had their Lightforged details- tattoos, golden pieces- look faded out, depleted or even scarred, showing that the Light abandoned them in the undeath? Bonus points if the Light runes on their foreheads are changed so one could choose between Unholy, Frost or Blood runes instead.

What if Void Elves (again for whatever bs reason they're allowed to exist) had something similar to the LFD, where the "Void" effects in their hair were replaced with some, I don't know, cool undeath particles, similar to what we see in ICC, or just had the tips be frosted, or bloody, or unhealthy withered and green.

What if Mag'har orcs, again, instead of tribal warpaints, had runic warpaints, or some customization that resembled the first gen DKs (Gul'dan's DKs)?


What if Dark Irons had the flaming eyes/beards replaced with a frosty aura, or anything else DK related for that matter, showing that the gift from Ragnaros don't god damn work in undeath? They could also have parts of their bodies reinforced with metal, considering they're brilliant blacksmiths.

What if Zandalar DKs had more of a bony/rotten look to them, or skull warpaints similar to the aesthetic of Bwonsamdi?

What if Kul Tiran DKs had a "rotten" option using the thin human model, or at least a skin option similar to that of the drowned/undead Derek Proudmoore? Hell, something resembling the Drust aesthetic would be super cool as well.

What if Vulpera DKs had different versions of pale, or weathered, or just generally "ruined" fur options, or more of a feral look to them?

And finally, what if Mechagnome DKs didn't exist had rusted robotic parts, or parts that looked like they were salvaged and barely put back together after their death, or had the stupid damn pincer arms replaced with something like giant claws or axe/sword hands that would change model according to what weapon you had equipped. What if the robotic eyes changed based on spec- from glowing red to blue to green?


Any additional suggestions welcome.

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