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Allied Races rep grind is making me want to quit the game.. (new player)

wow8 - Allied Races rep grind is making me want to quit the game.. (new player)

I started playing at the beginning of this expansion. I played zero of Legion or any other expansion for that matter.

I LOVED this game up until the point that I hit about ilvl350 and got bored for pretty much the same reasons that everyone else in this community did. The ONE thing that I was looking forward to, the ONE thing I think could keep me entertained is leveling alts. I really like the allied races, especially the Nightborne. Unfortunately, I am a new player and other than the Valarjar, had zero reputation with any of the Legion factions.

I understand this is an MMORPG. I understand that grinding is pretty much the name of the game. My problem is, i’m paying X amount of money a month to enjoy this game, not tediously farm old content to unlock a feature I paid for in this current expansion. I think my biggest argument is, I think the Kul Tiran Humans and the Zandalari Trolls should be locked behind their reputations because they are CURRENT content. You grind those things while you continue to play current content. The rest of the allied races have to be grinded through out of date content, there is absolutely ZERO challenge in facing enemies and mobs that are much lower than you are. I now have to balance farming Bfa reputation, weeklys, world and emmisary quests AND Legion reputation, emmisary quests, etc etc.

I know older players farmed their Legion reps the same way I am now but I am only speaking on behalf of myself and others who were not playing the game during that time. It’s much more enjoyable to grind those things when it’s current content and it’s what the rest of the community is doing. I can’t imagine what it would be like for future new players in future expansions who want to play a Zandalari Troll to go back and farm Bfa reps when all of that content is out of date..

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