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Another disppointing thing about BFA that nobody’s talked about – Treasure Chests

wow5 - Another disppointing thing about BFA that nobody's talked about - Treasure Chests

Does anyone even bother to pick up treasure chests anymore? Even in Legion the amount of AP they gave was pretty negligible and even that is gone now in BFA, leaving us with only a pittance of resources and about 10g worth of vendor trash. Currently it's not even worth the 30 seconds of time it takes to run to the chest, kill 1-2 mob in the way grab the chest and continue on. Seeing a chest icon on the minimap should be something exciting, not "meh" inducing.

To make treasure chests more desirable they need to actually contain treasure, something of at least some noteworthy value. Treasure doesn't have to mean gold, it could mean just about anything. Here's a few things I'd like as possibilities from treasure chests:

  • Azerite, I don't know why this wasn't put into BFA chests but a chest having a bit of AP (lets say 200 AP) might make them worthy of notice.
  • More gold (Just a cache of like ~200g, nothing else)
  • More resources (Same as gold, just ~50+ resources)
  • Crafting mats (Herbs, Ore, Leather, etc)
  • Greens items. Greens are useful in a few ways, BFA greens vendor pretty well (20-50g usually), they can be DE'd or scrapped for materials, and for some they can hold transmog appearances they might not have yet.
  • Battle Pet items (Pet charms, stones, bandages, etc)
  • Augment runes

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