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As a new player, I’m really not enjoying being 120

wow9 - As a new player, I'm really not enjoying being 120

Sorry, I don't mean for this to be an inflammatory post because my way to 120 I enjoyed immensely, I genuinely haven't enjoyed a game like this in years but hitting 120 has been like running into a brick wall for me. I hit 120 before the 100% buff was up but only recently got time to finally keep working on my character and now, a few days in, I'm ready to throw in the towel and level something else.

Game started out as a focused, tight experience that perfectly kept me engaged without overstaying its welcome. Each zone felt the perfect length, dungeons were enjoyable because everyone was sort-of on the same level and very much dependent on each other, with variances in the odd wonky scaling of specs and some heirloomed vets who went ham, I always felt like I had a place in these runs. Getting gear, despite it being at this level, was satisfying and felt somewhat meaningful and I was always working towards that mighty goal of 120, where the world was, in my mind, getting even better!

Now after hitting 120, I'm absolutely inundated with with what feels like millions of quests that I have no explanation, rhyme or reason for why I'm doing them. What is this leading to, what is my reward at the end of this? What am I supposed to be doing that is even relevant to me? Oh a war campaign, sounds mighty and epic… and all I've done is ride and fly around Horde zones for hours, doing something for 5-10 minutes only to spend more time riding through entire zones getting dazed along the way, then watching lengthy talks about God knows what. I feel like I'm doing nothing, I almost want to scream that I need some action soon, an objective I actually want to achieve.


Then I break up the monotony by trying to join some dungeons, at least those are enjoyable right… until I realize every run is just players overgeared to high heaven, especially with the new corruption items, they could basically solo these things. Every single run I'm basically just trying to keep up. I have no place here, not doing anything of meaning or contributing a thing, I'm just there to look at the scenery and get some loot. Why isn't there an option to get paired up with people around your experience / ilvl?

World quests? Oh great, lets me kill and do some things! Arrive and they are full of people basically carrying you through most of the experience. Boss? Tag him and he's dead 2 seconds later. Clear an area? Everything is being murdered and I just need to tag things as quickly as possible.

Don't think I've even had to think about executing my rotation since I hit 120 because nothing stays alive long enough of everything I've done, just mindlessly getting carried around doing nothing of meaning, it feels like.

As a new player, I feel like 'I have no place in this world', everything I enjoyed has gone out of the window and I get the feeling that I need to do the above content for weeks, just to reach a plateau where I'm relevant and caught up in this world, which is difficult when I have no carrot for it and already burned out.

Anyone been through this, got any advice, the mighty carrot that kept you going or the words of wisdom that changed your perspective? Because this has been an immense disappointment for me, thus far.

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