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As a non-raider/non-PvPer, I still enjoy PLAYING Shadowlands, but don’t feel like I’m working towards anything cool

wow10 - As a non-raider/non-PvPer, I still enjoy PLAYING Shadowlands, but don’t feel like I’m working towards anything cool

In both Legion and BFA, I played entirely solo, so Mythic+ Dungeons have been more of a “new feature” to me personally, but it is ABSOLUTELY one of my favorite things to do in WoW!!!

I’ve always had a fucking BLAST with Torghast (hey, that rhymed!).

Problem is, it doesn’t really feel like there’s a whole lot of “cool shit” for me to be working towards, in those things specifically.

Now here’s the thing; Shadowlands feels chock-full if stuff you can go out and get! Tons of mounts, cool cosmetic items, Toys for the toy box, I’d actually argue is probably the most rewarding expansion for the Solo player, maybe in all of WoW!

But in a weird way, it’s also a bit of a double-edged sword, because it sort of highlights how little “cool shit” come from Torghast or Mythic Dungeons.

I’ve sort of suggested this before, but perhaps it would behoove WoW to offer some long-term quests. For example, maybe Darion Mograine tasks you will filling out some sort of a tome, where they are trying to discover all of the Maw’s different Runes, but the pages have been scattered. So, they want you collect 100 pages.

But have these pages come from running literally any sort of content. If you’re like me, and just enjoy the shit out of Torghast and Mythic Dungeons, you can slowly collect them there. If you’re into Raiding, or PvP, you can also acquire the pages from those activities too.


I’d personally lean towards making them mostly RNG, maybe the Great Vault could also award a page (or like 3 pages for choosing no item), just to prevent someone being literally unable to progress.

As for the reward for a long-term quest like that? I mean, I definitely love the idea of bring back Legendary weapons (or since we already equip legendaries, maybe a new “Mythical” status?).

At this point, what would make the most sense is having a weapon of every main archetype. To give it some extra life, maybe you can also “feed” this weapon higher-level gear, raising its ilvl to the sacrificed item, allowing it to retain some usefulness even into the next expansion (maybe visiting the Runecarver to change your weapon’s stats, so it’s always useful no matter your spec).

Being a Death Knight main, I would also reeeeeeeally hope that DK’s could forge a more unique Runeblade or “Mourneblade”, even if the difference is purely aesthetic. Or even just have it also unlock Frostmourne as a transmog option.

Anyways, back on point…

Fact is, I still ENJOY playing WoW, but right now it just doesn’t feel like there’s any reason to. I want something to work towards, if only to feel like my time isn’t wasted running stuff I don’t necessarily need gear from.

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