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At this point, who is BfA’s story for? Is anyone enjoying the faction war?

wow3 - At this point, who is BfA's story for? Is anyone enjoying the faction war?

Now, while some quests are probably fun (i heard lot of good about the Zandalar questline, and (slightly less) about the Kul'Tiras one, all this faction conflict stuff makes me really wonder who it is aimed at:
* You like the 'Noble Savages' Horde? Well, here you go genociding the Night Elves, defiling their lands, desecrating their dead, forcefully raising Derek Proudmoore to be 'conditionned' to help you.
* You like the 'Death to the Livings' Horde? Well, each and every quests insist that you're a horrible person for liking them, and most NPCs voice their discomfort with them.
* You like the 'for Azeroth' Alliance? Well, here's your faction being dragged into another war against heir wishes entirely because of the Horde while the planet is explicitely dying.
* You like the 'For Theramore' Alliance? Well, the Night Elves get steamrolled, being directly empowered by their goddess isn't enough to kill Nathanos, your dead willingly join their killers in helping murder you, you're told time and time again you're losing, and what could help (gnome anti-radiation suits, how powerful Malfurion is supposed to be, the fu*king Vindicaar, etc…) aren't used at all for no reason.


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