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Battle For Azeroth Dungeon & Raid Guide (with emphasis on tanking)

wow7 - Battle For Azeroth Dungeon & Raid Guide (with emphasis on tanking)

Good afternoon, WoW!

If you don't wanna' hear the life story about this guide, click here.

Over the past few months, I've been working on a BfA Dungeon Guide that started off as my own personal resource, but has slowly evolved into something I've made public for people to view. Over the past month or so, I've posted in the weekly tanking thread, but am now ready to put my work out there for more eyes to see.

So what does this guide provide? The primary focus of the guide is to make Mythic+ runs as efficient as possible by providing a map of the dungeon with the ideal paths, potential shortcuts, potential stealthing options and bulleted boss mechanics and tips. Where it applies, I note at what point of the dungeon are you safe to go to the last boss and still get 100% enemy forces instead of playing the guessing game on non-teeming weeks. For this week, it may not hurt to pick up an extra group or two.

I also have a Mythic+ Affix combo section, which gives a quick rundown on how the pacing of the dungeons will go with the affixes we have.

I also have an Uldir raiding section, but at this point most people probably know how to handle the bosses. I do plan on updating the document as the new raids come out.

This guide does not cover mythic raiding and outside of a few bullet points, there are no class-specific tips provided either. I simply don't have the time to invest in more than one or two characters in-game and don't want the guide to give preferential treatment to Death Knights and Demon Hunters.


I'll also add that most of the content is from my personal experience with a coordinated group doing keys ranging from 8-12. I don't consider myself a M+ expert in any way, so there may be even more efficient ways to run these dungeons that we haven't discovered.

I've gone the Google Docs route so that people can have the guide available to quickly reference vs. having to watch a video or find the right website, etc., and I deliberately try to keep content to two pages max so all the information is in one spot.

This is a working document, so I update it as I learn new tactics and strategies. Feedback is welcome! You can join my baby Discord Server to be able to reference the document or provide feedback once this thread has had its 10 seconds on the spotlight.

Enough talk about the guide, click here to check it out! I also have a Twitch Channel that I may use to stream my dungeon runs as well but that's not 100% ready just yet.

Thanks! And for those who use the guide, I hope you find it useful!

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