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Be careful about farming mats in game.

wow9 - Be careful about farming mats in game.

I have been unbanned after all this I'll include a TLDR, this isnt just ban whining.

So last night I tried to log in and found myself permanently banned, no email except a notification my sub was canceled. Ok, I had been farming some leather earlier, I just learned skinning and farmed from 1-150, it didn't even take 2 hours, maybe I got an automated ban, I was pretty sure it would get resolved so I submitted my first appeal.

M4Wdwxg - Be careful about farming mats in game.


I also got my first email I'll just paste the text:

Action(s) Taken: Account Suspended

Violation: Cheating

Your fellow players reported you for cheating. This includes actions like botting, and exploiting game mechanics.

Suspension expires on: 2021 October 18 13:32 UTC

After a thorough investigation of the evidence, we have Suspended your World of Warcraft account.

As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances.

If you understand this and still want to appeal our decision, please visit this article and submit a ticket.


So at this stage, I'm a bit concerned and after reading this post I got the impression this was like an automatic response to my appeal, because this person experienced the identical treatment to me, they got a permanent ban with no explanation and a response that "someone looked at the logs" and lowered it to a 6month suspension.

I took the adivce given in the comment to just keep submitting appeals. I resubmitted a 2nd appeal and got this:


Now I'll be real, my lament about a human being was a bit dickish, but I feel like under the circumstances it should be understandable that I'm pissed off. I got permanently banned for players reporting me for cheating, and then after appealing the decision I got reduced to a 6month ban and told the issue was resolved. And now Im being told they wont even look at this anymore.

I made a post on the CS forums you can find that here


and I submitted my third appeal: 3

So at this stage I've been told that whoever made the first appeal decision, that was final, no further appeals even looked at my case and was told to stop submitting tickets, which I ignored.

Within 2min of a forum admin closing that post I made on the CS forum I received this response to my 4th appeal


I am now unbanned. I can't say I'm particularly happy about it because obviously I never should have been banned in the first place. But I'm honestly floored by how poor the CS team at Blizzard is, like most people I occasionally see the odd unguilded druid out farming mats and think "they're a bit suspicious, I'll submit a report, someone will take a look at it and confirm."

But apparently no one looks at it, I the player am apparently the person who determines guilt simply by submitting a cheating report and saying "bot" in it. I will never report another player in game again, and I would advise people who farm mats to be really careful and if you do get banned, be an asshole and continue to submit appeals regardless of what they tell you because if I had listened to the first 3 appeals, not to mention all the asshats on the CS forum I would still be banned.

Also some people seem unaware of this, there are no live chat options available, there is no in bound phone number for support. So all I could do was seemingly spin this roulette wheel of GMs until one of them gave a shit enough to actually take a serious look at my case and I don't feel it's a coincidence that it was only responded to after I bitched about it for a couple hours on the forum.

TLDR: I got banned by player reports and after being told numerous times my case was resolved and would not be looked at further was unbanned

EDIT: I'll also add, the resolution didn't address anything that happened. In retrospect I spent very little time farming and still got banned for it, if I spent longer would the last person have believed me? What did I do that convinced them I wasn't a bot? I don't really know now if I can ever safely farm mats again.

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