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Best way to hit KSM

wow1 - Best way to hit KSM

Hey everyone! I hit KSM a few weeks ago as a Bear tank, and wanted to give some advice about the most helpful things that got me there. I pugged pretty much the entire way there, and here are the most valuable things I learned along the way.

#1 – Push your own key

You should always have a 16 key in your inventory. If you can't push your own key to 15+ – don't expect to be invited to push someone else's.

#3 – Don't get too discouraged in the 10-13 range

This is – the – worst – key – range – period. As a tank I can pretty much carry a group to 10's easily. Past that, things get to the point where you need 5 competent people.

Then you'll find that when you post your first 14 key all of the sudden really high IO / geared players start applying. That's because they want that 14 for the GV, and the same applies even MORE for 15's. The quality of players that you get when you start running 14+ is easily 2X better than the players you get from 10-13.

After I started tanking 15's – I will never just pug a 10-13 ever again (unless it's for a guildie / friend). This is the case for pretty much every good player that has ranked up to the 15+ range.

If you're really a good player (know all the mechanics, have your rotation down, and know what to priority interrupt basically) the actual HARD part of M+ is getting into good groups. Which brings me to…

#3 – Network / grow your friends list.


I started off by adding people to my friends list and adding in what key I did with them in the notes field. It's a great place to start, but there is an even better way to do this which blew my mind when it happened.

#4 – Start an in game community.


It's a feature that exists, but I hardly ever see anyone use. Me and an hpal that I pugged with had that Step Brothers moment of ARE WE BEST FRIENDS NOW and he took the initiative to just start an in game community called ShamWow's Mythic Plus Pals and it was game changing for all of us. Now, when one of us groups with an amazing DPS / healer / tank / you name it – we invite them to the group. All of us were in the process of pushing past the hell of 13+ keys and it's great to just have another mini-guild of players that you KNOW are capable of pushing 15's and aren't toxic.

Reasons this is great:

  • You are crowdsourcing your networking. Now when any of our other "officers" groups with somebody decent and adds them to the group, you get that benefit.
  • You are part of a community that is trying to accomplish the same goal. KSM is a hard achievement to get – not due to the technical aspects of the game, but due to the social networking aspect / unforgiving nature of failing keys / grouping with mouthbreathers.
  • If you're not meta – it doesn't matter. I'd rather take an enhance shaman out of this group than a FOTM fire mage any day. To time 15's – your comp actually does not matter. As long as you have a tank, heals, and lust you're fine. The first time I saw a ret pally bubble / taunt a Kyrian Stitchwork off me so I could reset necrotic stacks it changed my opinion of grouping with the "meta" from that point forward. I want THAT guy as my DPS 10/10 times over a MM hunter that rolls his face over his rotation and tops the meters by an extra 10%.


Networking is 90% of the achievement. Start an in game community to start networking, and your life will get way easier.

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