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BfA is not a “filler expansion” but some of its unpolished and unfinished features make me think that we should have actual “filler expansions”

wow2 - BfA is not a "filler expansion" but some of its unpolished and unfinished features make me think that we should have actual "filler expansions"

BfA is not a "filler expansion", all the effort that went into Visuals, Quests, Zones and Cinematics proofes otherwise. Even if some may disagree, the story does have its really good moments. All this effort proofes that BfA was not designed to be a throwaway expansion. It just really sucks that the gameplay does not have the same quality to it, this makes all the other good parts of BfA feel wasted.

This makes me actually belive that an expansion that is purposly designed to have less 'new' content and that only lasts a year could benefit the game. An expansion that is anounced, designed and advertised to only last around 10 months until the next pre-patch goes live and to only act as filler content. While large parts of the playerbase keep themselves busy buy just playing this content, the larger part of the WoW-Team can put a lot of work into a new big "2 year expansion."

And I am not talking about the size of smaller expansions:

  • Instead of completly new continets with 6 zones, we get 3 old Zones revamped with assets that are already in the game
  • Maybe not even a new leveling phase, instead only the itemlevel gets raised. (or the itemlevel gets reduced, this is exactly the expansion where changes like this should be made)
  • Instead of a big, lore-heavy villain, like Sargeras or Old Gods, we go up against new and in comparison unimportant villains. Like a Mogu Warlord who took over Stranglethorn or a Silithid Queen that causes trouble in Southern Kalimdor.
  • Instead of multiple, large raids we get 2 smaller raids, one with launch and one a few months later, with around 5 bosses each, all of them with mostly reused boss-design with recolors and mechanics that are combined from bosses of previous raids
  • The same thing with dungeons, instead of 8-10 completly new ones we get 2-3 new ones, or old dungeons revamped for max. level and mythic+
  • Classes should get the BfA treatment, no big experiments or changes aside from making them simpler, the next 'big' expansion then has it easier to make Classes fun and does not have to keep the power-systems (like Artifact Weapons) from prevoious 'big' expansions
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And you know what's the best part about an expansion like this?

If after 2 Months the playerbase comes to the conclusion that "This Expansion is not that much fun", Blizzcon is around the corner and we are already hyped for the anouncement of the next mobile game "real 2-year expansion".

tl;dr: A 'low effort filler expansion that only aims to keep players occupied for a year' could actually be beneficial if it gets anounced as that.

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