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Blizzard is so incredibly slow it’s mind baffling

wow3 - Blizzard is so incredibly slow it's mind baffling

So, this is applicable to blizzard even before corona, and I would like to shed some light on this.

I have been thinking how to write this and I am not much of a (english) writer, so stick with me here.

Luckily blizzard has given me some good examples to illustrate what I mean.


In the game there are a couple of spelling mistakes like 'suprisingly' and 'womrholes'.

These spelling mistakes hurt nobody, but do show a lack of quality assurance.

At the same time, things have popped up, like being able to do your garrison herbalism work-orders in warfronts. Because they have just copy-pasted the building over from the garrison into the warfront maps.

This shows that blizzard does not test their own product at all.

Now this has been creeping up on us, as it is now also affecting core gameplay; like with the state stone legion generals was in. Not to mention sludgefist's pathing in. around or through pillars.


The actual point


So, as with any game these days. On release a few bugs and minor issues are expected.

The only problem is, they don't get fixed. Or take way to long to get fixed.


Take for instance, the resurrection bug.

Kind of important to be able to ress in an m+ dungeon you would think?

Well, this still happens. Even though I personally, and I imagine a lot of other people have reported this issue.


Lets go back, because people like to say corona is to blame, due to working from home and such.

Temple of sethralis.. The orb gettings stuck underground.

This bug has been reported since the beta of bfa.

It was, from my knowledge only fixed after it happened live during the mdi. During 8.3 :/

At the same time, during a Q&A, people complained about bugs in the game, and ion answered that said bug was not found in their system, and that people should use the ingame means to report said bugs.

People on this reddit were furious, because people had reported it during the beta, and people had reported it on the beta forums. (which just got deleted)


There is either a huge problem with how blizzard processes bug reports, or their productivity is just beyond lethargic.

I think both, as class and overall balancing is only done on 'big patches' and even minor number changes take months to be implemented.


Another issue that has been popping up is; starting your m+ key, for there to be no timer, and get stuck in the starting zone. With no way to save your key.


These problems aren't going away, they will only become more and more prominent until blizzard decides this is hurting their bottom line and decide to focus more on QA.

I very much have the feeling, as a developer myself, that the company is trying to find – in their eyes – the perfect investment to return ration for their spending on development time, work-load and Quality assurance.


It has been obvious due to all the lay-offs.

There are no community managers or GM's to speak of.

A guy right now on this sub, has had his character stuck in limbo for a quarter of a year.

And we as a community must sound the alarm on social media. So that hopefully somebody with more power and who is willing to put in the effort to take up the torch and fix it.


There is this HUGE list of shit blizzard is doing and not doing. None of it is positive, and yet this train-wreck called blizzard continue on, endlessly blasting through every barrier until it takes our beloved game(s) with it.


It isn't just wow, other games have suffered as well. New and old. At this point I am hoping for some miracle, that some other company somehow acquires the wow ip. As this seems to just be doomed.


Important one last thing.

I wanted to write more, but I could fill a book with the amount of rants I have had about blizzard to my friends.

I would like to end this with saying that; I hope everybody who works at blizzard the best of luck and good health.

For if half of the shit that we have heard about your work environment is true, I don't want to know how much we do not know.

And I hope you guys aren't forced to make some fake corporate post about how fun it is to work at blizzard.


Tldr; As a developer myself, seeing blizzard take months to even change some minor numbers or text in their game, let alone fix any bugs at all, I think blizzard is rotting from the inside. Something is terribly wrong within the company and it's breeding a lethargic work environment. Together with activision-blizzard's business practices and fake corporate speak, I hope somehow, that another company can take over wow before it goes down with the titanic disaster that is blizzard.

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