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Blizzard needs to learn from Hades and make sure Torghast will be interesting and fun.

wow8 - Blizzard needs to learn from Hades and make sure Torghast will be interesting and fun.

Ok, I made this is as a comment but I think this deserves a post. Hades (For people who don't know about the game), is a rouge like game that has been praised for doing everything right when it comes to the genre. I am in love with Hades and right now it even managed to pull me away from Shadowlands. When coming back to SL, Torghast becomes super lackluster. I DO NOT expect Blizzard to put as much love,attention and detail on Torghast as Hades has because it would be impossible, but there is enough similarities and I think Blizzard could do learn from it. First, Blizzard please…DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT make base Torghast slow and boring…enemies with more health, plenty of debuffs, less cool, useful and powerful animas this is how you kill this content. The base floors of Torghast should be very accessible to everyone with a good learning curve making sure players are able to easily access this content that is so crucial for this expansion. When it comes to difficult Blizzard should focus on the teased endless Torghast. Yes it was ditched (I can't find why), but I believe that an endless mode would be much better than a super steep learning curve, also limiting the number of floors (18 planned right now) means Blizzard will have to make sure they are always hard for the entire expansion, nerfing classes and buffing enemies anytime people discover a better and faster way complete it or else the content will become irrelevant. In case they add more floors to keep things relevant, we could end the expansion with over 100 floors, can you imagine the dailies?

When it comes to Hades after you beat the game (no spoilers) you get the heat system, the difficult and rewards of your next runs depends on the player and how much his/her abilities has evolved and how much time THE PLAYER wants to take per run. A heat system on would be fantastic, cosmetic and better rewards should be given to players who accept the challenge but the BASE floors should not gate classes/specs and new players and should absolute not become a time consuming task base Torghast should be your training chamber for the real end-game content. A heat system could work with the 18 floors, and Blizzard let players choose how hard they want it to be.


When it comes to anima powers, again, look at Hades. Gods boons give so much variety and flexibility for builds. All boons are good on their own way it depends on the player to figure what will be the best build for his/her playstyle and weapon. To ensure the player has some choice to their build Hades gives you charms that influence the powers you will find on your run. A charm system on Torghast could be really good, we already have a little bit of the system with the Maw rep. However, they are (at least now) a little bit bland. Give players more options, instead of upgrades that only give you more rare or epic powers. Covenants could have unique charms! Why not have a tank/dps/heal charm? You choose one and you get more abilities to that role that influence your spec. You want to go full DPS bear and shred everything? Tank everything as a fat boomkin? Heal your friends as feral with UwU bites of love? Sure why not here are some weird perks that will make things more fun:

  • Stampeding Roar doubles your size and damage.
  • Starfall gives you % bonus armor equal to the enemies around you
  • Stellar drift will let you actually drift and gives movespeed.
  • As feral your combo abilities can now heal allies the more combos the bigger the heals.
  • Make Fire Mages increase the speed of allies
  • Give survival hunter the ability to summon a duplicate of an ally druid
  • DKs get their own version of divine steed an undead horse that charges and spreads the plague
  • Monks can now make mobs drunk
  • Shamans can FF style summon a huge elemental
  • Shadow Priests can roll for deception and convince mobs to help your party.
  • Bubble turns Palas into a ball of holy light dealing AOE damage and increasing movespeed.
  • Warlock can throw cookies at mobs to debuff them.
  • Bladestorm damage is now tied to how fast warriors can mash the button, the faster your mash the more it rotates, more damage the abilities refreshes for every enemy hit. (Blizzard is not responsible for any broken keyboards/mouses)

IDK, MAKE ABILITIES FUN, WEIRD, and remember fun and weird does not mean useless you don't need to sacrifice one for the other….make Torghast fun,interesting and players will waste time and play a lot, even ask for it to stay longer. Make it boring, slow,annoying and nobody will do it unless they need to. I have so much hope for Torghast Blizzard please.

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