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Blizzard nerfed the amount of pet experience received from pet battle world quests by 98%

wow7 - Blizzard nerfed the amount of pet experience received from pet battle world quests by 98%

Blizzard added a set of achievements in 8.1 for defeating every pet trainer in Kul Tiras and Zandalar with teams of three pets from the same family. The pet trainers can now be battled again once the world quest is over, so you don't have to wait for each trainer's qorld quest to appear 10 separate times, once for each family.

Blizzard has also nerfed the amount of experience your pets get from doing them. Previously, defeating them with a team of two level 25 pets and a lower level pet would provide experience to the lower level pet, granting that it survived until the end of the battle and was active for a turn (or brought out at the end of battle when your current pet dies along with the enemy). You could get approximately 4000-5000 experience for your pet, depending on how low level the pet was and any experience buffs you might have.

Today, I got 109 experience for a levelling pet from one quest, and on another I used two levelling pets and soloed the quest with one level 25 pet, and between them the two pets got 164 experience.

I don't know if this is a bug or if this is Blizzard's fun police. There are already Pet Trainers on the Broken Isles which are repeatable and offer the higher experience rewards for beating trainers. They're not available all the time, only when their world quests are up. It would have been nice to have some repeatable trainers on Azeroth that I could use for pet levelling if I wanted to, instead of checking the Broken Isles to see if there are any trainers there I could level some pets with.


This continued trend of disabling things that players were using and or enjoying is tremendously frustrating. I enjoyed the occasional pet levelling session. Taking a break from raiding, world quests or mythic plus, putting on some music, and levelling some pets with a trainer that had an easy or fun strategy for incorporating low level pets, was enjoyable and stress-relieving. It also was a way to expand the number of pets I had levelled and could experiment with in world quests or against other players. I was looking forward to being able to do this in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, but at the moment it's impossible.

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As I write this there are no repeatable trainers up on the Broken Isles for me to test if this has affected them as well. There is the world quest on the Broken Shore which is not repeatable, however. I just did it with a low level pet and it got 5060 experience. (I was wearing the safari hat which gives an extra 10%. Hopefully there'll be a trainer up tomorrow that's part of Legion's pet family achievement, and I'll see if they've broken those as well.

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