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Blizzard, please, I really do want to have fun in the game on more than one character,

wow8 - Blizzard, please, I really do want to have fun in the game on more than one character,

but I am not willing to do a ton of content I don't want (dailies, assaults, 15s for echoes, visions – although visions are okay-ish) just to get my character to a good spot for pushing keys. I enjoyed BfA a lot, surprisingly, but the fact I literally cannot play a second character, now that the content is kind of old and the main fun thing to do are mythic plus (for me that is), is driving me crazy. And for pvp, because I'm bad at it so I need every edge I can get but that's secondary to me.

I get the "alts should not be as strong as mains" argument but it feels like there is no reason for it now, that there's not much stuff to do. Just let me enjoy my other characters without forcing me to do the boring stuff that I have already done so many times get my main and one/two alts to a reasonable spot to push keys.

First of all, I'm gonna buy my essences – Fine, that's at least 10k echoes.

Secondly, I'll need to get some corruption resistance. Am I a world-first key pusher? No. Do I want to play my class as optimally as possible like the vast majority of the players in this game does? YES! And the difference between a low-cloak and a caught up one is massive.

Even if I don't count the echoes I need to get my cloak to level 15, just the cloak upgrades are gonna cost me 30k echoes (reducing by 2k every week I do both a vision and kill N'zoth).


Then, my character is gonna need some contaminants to fill the corruption budget with! I'm gonna use fire mage as an example. Even if I wanted to play bellow 40 corruption all the time, I would need 35k echoes for the seven Masterful 3s.

This leaves me with about 75.000 Echoes of Ny'alotha to farm just to get the "system" gearing stuff done. This is about 330 mythic +15 dungeons, just to get my corruptions right (Of course that's not the only source of Echoes in the game but it's the go-to spammable one for PvE players).

I'm also not saying ALL of this is necessary, because obviously, it's not. But even if you were to get just 30k echoes (which, frankly, is not gonna buy you that much), it's still too much "boring" stuff to do just to get your character ready for higher dungeons. By the time I get caught up, the new class is gonna be so boring I'd have to just be making new characters all the time.

Also, nobody wants to be that guy who's the anchor of his group, because he couldn't be bothered to farm echoes to get numerically better.

I'd rather unsubscribe than do assaults and dailies, then spam 15s for weeks to get echoes and I am really sad about this… I really am.

So once again, please, let me have fun in the game we love… (or gib beta ples)

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

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