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Blizzard this is the best start to an expansion in a long time. Please don’t turn Torghast into a slugfest!

wow10 - Blizzard this is the best start to an expansion in a long time. Please don't turn Torghast into a slugfest!

To me, this is the greatest start to an expansion. The leveling experience was a great introduction to the shadowlands storyline, and a huge step up over BFA zones. Pvp is the funnest since MoP, and Castle Nathria has been amazing (admittedly a bit overtuned in normal at launch, but it's fine now). Mythic+ feels great as I like all the dungeons (except Necrotic Wake, fuck that place), with the only complaint being that they should make anima scale off of mythic tier (something like 150 anima for +10). Overall, the gear is amazing and feels rewarding to grind for. From the mount farming I've done, it feels more varied and a huge step up from BFA.

However, there are two aspects of this expansion which are subpar to me – the Maw and Torghast. I feel like the Maw is only in beta so I can't hate on it too much. Torghast, however, feels like it's going in the wrong direction. During the first week of the expansion, I found it extremely fun to go through the various layers on my enhancement shaman. The anima powers felt varied, it was fast and fun, and the final boss provided a decent challenge. Since then, you have increased and plan to increase the HP of mobs. What once took me roughly 30 action packed minutes (Layer 3), took me 1.5 sluggish, boring hours (Layer 6). Roguelikes are supposed to provide you a format where you can go crazy and give classes crazy, wacky abilities, instead Blizzard seems fixed on making the experience more grueling and boring. Blizzard isn't even making Torghast more difficult, they are simply making it take longer. Here are three things you can do to fix Torghast:


1) Give mobs and bosses more mechanics: Its obvious recent changes have been focused on making the experience more difficult. However, more hp doesn't do that, it just makes it into a DPS check. What would you rather face, a stat check fight like Patchwerk, or something with more mechanics (like the majority of Castle Nathria bosses)? Mechanics create faster paced and action-packed gameplay, more HP does the opposite.

2) Make wacky powers: Torgast isnt permanent. Any abilities you gain will disappear after the run ends. So why are the anima powers so boring; most provide damage increases or cooldown reduction. For shaman, give me something crazy that summons a gigantic thundercloud over their head and does ridiculous damage. The greatest roguelikes, like Binding of Issac, give insane powers the more you play. In this mode fun > balance.

3) Give us more than soul ash: To keep people coming back to Torghast, give us mounts, transmits, and other cosmetics. We don't need gear, but we need something more than soul ash.

Tl;dr: Blizzard needs to make Torghast more exciting and action packed, hp increases to mobs is not the answer. Give us more mechanics, more anima powers, more cosmetics.

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