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Blizzard was really on to something with the mage tower challenges.

wow7 - Blizzard was really on to something with the mage tower challenges.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to make wow a entertaining game for end game players. The lack of content really shows once you have raid gear. When you level and gear up through heroics and warfronts there's a lot to do. After you are pretty well geared it really slows down.

Blizzard has somehow made the game so that every expansion the world we play in feels smaller and smaller. There's no reason besides transmog runs to re visit old areas.

In my ideal world, I'd love to see solo challenges for your class in areas around azeroth. These can be repeatable and farmed for chances at unique transmog appearances, gear, mounts, and other cool rewards. I'd like them to be challenging and thematic.


For example you could visit the storm peaks and run a challenge mode instance for a chance at a new proto Drake mount. Or you could visit black temple and strategically make your way through a challenging solo dungeon for some demon themed gear. Or you could take a stroll through the mop expansion and farm up some mop themed gear.

The point I'm trying to make is I think the best way to make world of Warcraft seem like an actual world is to promote people going to different zones. This could easily be done through challenging scenarios, like the mage tower in legion, which would reward you with relevant gear which isn't just vendor trash.

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