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Blizzard’s EU shop lied to and screwed their customers.

wow9 - Blizzard's EU shop lied to and screwed their customers.

Yesterday many people in the EU, who purchased from the physical store during the Black Friday sales got an email that the company handling their stock had a system malfunction and many items were shows as in stock.

They apologised and told me they will cancel and refund the out of stock items, send the rest and gave me a 30% discount. Sounds nice?

Now wait a second.

First, the items we ordered were heavily discounted, to put it in numbers. My part of the group order was 44 euros. If i would re-purchase everything in full price it would cost me 160 euros, if i applied the "damage control" discount it will come to 112 euros which is STILL more than TWICE of what i originaly paid for the items. Blizzard thinks they are all nice and dandy and we were compensated for by being forced to re-purchase our stuff for "only" more than double of what we originaly paid for it. (out of the 21 items ordered we will receive 3)

Waiting for the items to get back in stock and get sent wasn't an option, they just canceled the orders and will send back the money we don't want because we can't use to get even half of our original order.

Also some items like the Blizzcon Goodie bag will never be available again so those are gone forever, bye.

We were informed yesterday, i made my purchase a MONTH ago, on november 22, and was assured several times that everything is fine, there are some delays but " As we discussed, your order should reach you by the holidays. Anything ordered on or before November 26 will arrive ". Except it never did.

Another thing, it wasn't decided by order date who gets their stuff and who doesn't. Another customer i talked with told me his order placed on nov. 22 contained an item that was also included in a later order placed on nov. 25. The second order got shipped a week ago with every item included. Yesterday his first order was canceled and he got told that the same item "was already out of stock when he ordered it" and no matter how i look at it it's a big fat LIE.

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I placed my order on the first day of the sale but apparently half the store was sold out by then. Except it wasn't, because they just started shipping out packages before 26th randomly and when realized the problem just decided to screw anyone who wasn't lucky. Last time i checked if i order and pay first, i should get said item. But right now if someone ordered 4 days later the exact same things they could already have it while i'm being forced to wait weeks for a restock then re-buy everything for more than twice the original price i paid. This is extremely unfair and unprofessional.

Also they informed the customers a few days before Christmas so now if someone ordered some of these as a gift they have absolutely zero chance of finding a decent replacement. Blizzard's response was "sorry". I don't think that makes a nice gift but alright.

The discount they waved in our face as compensation does nothing to actually compensate as no matter how i use the discount it will still be a financial damage to re-order the things that will be available again in the first place.

This is how much we matter for Blizzard people, they sit on our money for a month, gamble with the orders unfairly, discarding every ethics of handling out of stock items and spit in our face with something no honest store owner could call compensation.

I'm thinking of taking legal actions.

EDIT: For all the lawyers in the comments, obviously i'm not going to sue Blizzard over 44 euros, which is only my part of the order by the way, the total was 200 which in my country is half a month of minimum wage so it's kind of a big deal for me to pay twice that much. There are simpler and cheaper platforms for consumer complains which give advice if the complaint has any ground, i was talking about these under "legal action" (sorry english is not my first language so i might have used the wrong word).

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