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Boyfriend Proposed to Me In the Same Cave We Went to on Our First Date

wow7 - Boyfriend Proposed to Me In the Same Cave We Went to on Our First Date

My boyfriend and I met a little over a year ago on a dating app. One of the things that initially sparked his interest in me was that I had added that I was a WoW player on my profile — something I was initially nervous to do because I didn't want to sound too nerdy. After we went to dinner on our first date, we both went to our respective houses and decided to play WoW together. Even though dinner went well, I was still super nervous and wasn't sure where the date was going to go.

I started playing WoW in BC up til the end of Wrath, and stopped til Legion was released. I decided to level an Alliance Rogue and had just hit 110 where I was leveling in Azsuna — and I had a group quest to kill a mob in a cave and I decided this would be a good icebreaker for us. He helped me, and we hit it off afterward and played for hours into the night.

Fast forward a year or so — things had been going fantastically. We were laying in bed relaxing on our day off and he leans over to me and goes, "Hey…do you want to start a really long quest line with me?" I had no idea where he was going with this so I was like, "Sure why not?". We both hopped out of bed and went to our gaming den and logged in. He told me he needed help in a certain cave in Azsuna to get started so we hearthed to Dal and I followed him to the cave. At this point, I still had no idea what was going on (I hadn't put two and two together yet as to why we were at this cave.


He asks me to follow him into the cave where our first ever group kill was and said, "I need to give you an item so we can be on this quest together…can you open a trade window?" I obliged. At this point I was more than curious as to what the heck we were doing until I saw what he was giving to me: a Gold Eternium Band. My heart started racing and before I even had a chance to react, he was beside me on one knee with a real ring and asked if I'd marry him. I of course said yes and was ecstatic!

I don't think I can think of a more fitting place to start the next chapter in our lives together — the cave where it all began. 😀

tldr: Boyfriend and I quested in a cave in Azsuna on our first date, a year later takes me to the same cave and asks me to marry him.

yzuuwbungk431 - Boyfriend Proposed to Me In the Same Cave We Went to on Our First Date

Screenshot of proposal (added screenshot of ring to photo cuz I didn't have trade open for original screenshot)

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