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But…I don’t want to be night fae…

wow3 - But...I don't want to be night fae...

(Yes, this is a Covenant QQ post, I'm sorry; i just need to vent, as I find this an exceptionally disappointing element of the game)

I'm a warlock, I command demons and control hellfire; shoot bolts of chaos and bind individual souls into enchanted stone.

Ven'thyr seems very fitting. Necrolords is definitely touching the theme, if IMO a little less on brand then ven'thyr. but Night Fae?

My warlock isn't tied to nature, my warlock doesn't care about the woods, and my warlock doesn't want to use any of the various cosmetic items provided by the night fae. Yet, Night Fae is almost absolutely the best covenant for a warlock interested in PvP gameplay. There is a singular warlock on the 3v3 leaderboard not playing Night Fae. The mobility offered by the covenant fills a massive gap in the class toolkit. Warlock is already in a bad spot in PvP, and without the Night Fae covenant it becomes even worse.

I feel like one of the worst choices I have ever had to make in my 13 years playing WoW, is my covenant. I have never had something *feel* as bad in this game as choosing my least favorite covenant for the sake of gameplay. For the sake of my friends who I regularly team up with. For the sake of satisfaction with a singular (albeit large) element of the game; being competitive, and able to participate with the players who will be competitive.

Being in a position where I have to choose between satisfaction with the gameplay and satisfaction with the fantasy and atmosphere of the game doesn't feel like player agency, it feels like I'm choosing between two equally important elements of the game.


If I choose the gameplay, I don't get to have the wonderful cosmetic armor, mounts, atmosphere of the zone, quests, and other elements of the covenant I'm truly drawn to. If I choose the atmosphere and fantasy, I will spend my time being questioned by my peers; "Why aren't you night fae.", I will spend my time wondering "Would I have won this match if I had access to the stronger abilities provided by night fae?"

What does a player do? A few suggestions I've seen include "finding better friends" (I.e abandon my playgroup of years?), Rerolling to a class that benefits from a covenant which fulfills my desire for fantasy, Giving up on my desire to participate in competitive gameplay, or just "getting used to it".

Obviously in my situation the best thing I can do is just "get used to it", I can just pretend i'm not in a covenant at all, but it feels bad man, no matter which decision I make; I feel like i'm making a huge compromise on elements of the game from which I derive joy, and I'm not sure World of Warcraft has ever put me in this situation before (at least not in such a meaningful way).

Thanks for reading B-)

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