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Can people stop throwing tantrums in the middle of dungeons because some of us don’t know the mechanics of EVERY dungeon??

wow6 - Can people stop throwing tantrums in the middle of dungeons because some of us don't know the mechanics of EVERY dungeon??

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My friend recently introduced me to WoW (yay for that and also curses because now I'm addicted). For reference, I play a hunter and she plays a warlock (important later). We were in the middle of a dungeon and the priest said to interrupt the target's spells. He then asked my friend for a single target stun spell. She only had an aoe stun which he didn't respond to. He then told my friend to "learn to read" and "learn to play the class". He then said "sorry ur bad". Like… Ok?????? That was unprovoked. And that's just normal toxic behavior in WoW.

But what really pissed us off was when we reached the final boss. Apparently the boss' attack did more damage the further away from it you were. We're a hunter and a warlock so duh range attacks. He didn't tell us this. He just expected us to know this information. He also refused to heal my friend and I as we took damage. Needless to say, we died just as the boss died. We waited for the rez but nothing. He left the instance group, so we had to run through the dungeon again for the drops and to turn in the quests. This obviously soured my experience in WoW.

Tldr: priest was a dick to two new players and refused to heal and rez us at the end of the dungeon

Edit: Since many people are asking what dungeon we were in, it was Wrath of the Lich King. It wasn't an endgame dungeon. I've only played the game for a few days, and within those few days I was able to level to 78 due to the 100% exp boost. In the dungeon we were probably mid 70s?? We did a lot of questing afterwards, so we might have been lower like in the 60s. My friend is much more experienced. She's been extremely helpful and supportive which is the only reason why I'm competent. While I'm still learning the game mechanics, she tells me which enemy to hit first, when to dismiss pets, where to pick up quest items, etc. So no, we didn't need the priest to explain everything to us.


What I didn't appreciate was that he was demeaning towards us. Like if he had to time to continuously talk about my friend's stun and even mention her heirloom (totally random fyi and we don't know why he brought it up — although it could be because heirlooms = more experienced players but keep in mind this is her first time playing warlock) then why didn't he have the time to say "come closer to the boss"?? Or like rez us???

A lot of comments say that we should have known the mechanics of the boss and some mentioned a way to open a boss guide (which I will check out in the future so thank you!). Here's the thing. While experienced, my friend obviously cannot know every single dungeon boss off the top of her head. She thought since the Lich King was sending lightning that this was the boss where you need to hide behind a pillar. So whenever there was incoming lightning, we hid behind a pillar. We weren't too far from the boss since we were well within range to continue hitting him. But we were far enough to take damage. With a lot of these dungeons people want to speed through them, so we're pulling mobs left and right. There is barely even time to equip new gear before your tank pulls the next mob, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to do a quick read through of the bosses.

I usually keep a closer eye on our hp because I'm so used to playing a cleric/healer/priest or whatever you wanna call it in other games. I definitely noticed that the priest wasn't healing us.

Again, my issue is the fact that he deliberately refused to heal us and most of all, he refused to rez us.

Also, thank you kind stranger for the award!!! First one ever, and it means a lot!!!!!

Edit 2: fuck me. I read a comment saying I said raid instead of dungeon. I'm a dumbass 😂. Thank you and fixed!

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