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Can we do something about the LFG Group-creation tool?

wow8 - Can we do something about the LFG Group-creation tool?

TL;DR – We can't do anything constructive while trying to form RBG-groups, because >5 players = raid and thus limits you from Questing, World Questing. Furthermore, you're unable to play alts. If you're forming an upper-bracket group for either Mythic Raiding or RBGs, you are also limiting yourself from playing the game, because it simply takes too long. Suggestion: Please allow for an option (Similar to WM ON): "Solo mode, you are not part of your raid/group's open world progress, and thus you can do progress on quests and World Quests."


Dear Blizzard,

Love your game. Love Shadowlands. Great expansion.

For my main, it's a real pleassure to play. I've never been more satisfied with the amount of ways that I can do content. I never played RBGs untill this season, and it's been eye-openingly fun.

Here comes the big downfall though. My main rogue is 2400 CR (High Warlord / Grand Marshal). I have formed and led all the groups in RBG myself. I try making communities and add players to friendlist, but I have to resort to the LFG-tool in 99% of the cases. This process can take from 15-60 minutes, because you are facing everything from evenly matched players, to R1 Gladiators, Boosters, etc.

You need a setup that works, often consistent of very specific meta-classes. (eg. Warlock for slow, 1x Paladin for Sacrifice + Freedom, 1x Rogue, 1-2 Boomkins, A FC that has to be specifically a Guardian Druid or Vengeance DH).

Needless to say, this process takes time. That's okay. You want perfection, you work for it.


When creating groups at the upper brackets of RBGs or Mythic Raiding, you are effectively limiting your players to sitting AFK / Alt-tabbing and not playing the game for up to hours, because of the Raid-group limitations.


1) The players of your LFG-team will occassionally leave, because they want to do dailies / World Quests "untill group is full." Well, we all know what happens when we see a near-empty LFG-group. We don't apply, because we don't want to wait, either.

2) Arenaplayers and Mythic+ are benefitting from being able to do Quests/WQs while they wait next games. RBG players are not. I expect raiders are tired of this too.

2) You are unable to ever level an alt, unless you accept that you are missing out on the LFG tool.

As a leader and group-former, however, it bothers me tremendously, that I am unable to do anything while I am making the group.

lmjzaehsybp61 - Can we do something about the LFG Group-creation tool?

In the end, I think we all love the fact that we have the LFG tool. It's -in my mind- the best tool that has been implemented in World of Warcraft, ever. I do wish, that it could be tuned a little bit more, so we have more options of finding eachother, while still playing the game.

I didn't want to make this a whole RBG-vs-others thing, but RBGs are my best reference point, and it's a struggle for me. I really wish I could do World Quests and Quests while waiting.


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