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Can we talk about Warlocks? I need to voice my issues with Demonology specifically.

wow1 - Can we talk about Warlocks? I need to voice my issues with Demonology specifically.

My main is a warlock. She's older than my 14 year old son in high school. I'd like to make my case for demonology: We need fixed. Could I play destruction or affliction? Sure, but I'm not a fair weather demonologist. If I wanted to do that I'd be a mage or shadow priest. My fel lord Azradath has been my companion longer than any of my real friends – does he relish the thought of eating my heart while I watch? Yep, and that's why I love him.


Issue one: We're too RNG based. Demonbolt is arguably our best spell but the cast time is nearly 5 seconds; by the time it's done you could have cast so much more that it's not worth it. So it's a dead spell…unless you have a charge of Demonic Core, then Demonbolt is instant. If it has that large of a disadvantage, it feels like it's not meant to otherwise be used and if that's what the designers intended, why not make it unusable unless you have Demonic Core? There's tons of spells that only work when certain criteria are met so why confuse things and make it look like you technically can cast the spell when you probably shouldn't?

Anyway…how do we get Demonic Core? Imps – wild ones. They last about 8 seconds then expire or you can throw them at the enemy using Implosion. Each imp that is consumed or expires has a 10% chance to give you a demonic core charge. Still with me?

You DON'T get a chance at demonic core if the imp is killed. So if something kills your imps, you get nothing. I hear you, that sounds like it could still be consistent. No. It's not. See you have a cap on demonic core stacks. It's 4 – hold that thought a moment. You see Demonbolt ALSO generates 2 soul shards. You use these shards on various other spells that have cast times (Hand of Gul'dan, Summon Felhounds etc). You can't do that when you move, so your dps is brutalized if you have to take a step away from fire or what have you…so if you're capped on core stacks and soul shards, then you need to move, you can't do anything without wasting resources.

So you can't cast spells to burn off shards, you can't cast your instant because you waste shards and in the meantime, imps that would have given you charges go to waste.

This all sounds manageable on paper but here's the real kicker: remember what I said about if the imps die? You can't control them. You can't pull them off anything, you can't make them move. So…will they follow you if you move? Sometimes. Do they stay put and die for no charges? Usually. Will they expire and give you no charges? Most definitely. When you have 10 of them, will 8 of them give you charges and you lose 4 because of the cap? It's happened but nobody really fucking knows.



Issue two: Movement. We're turrets and heavily punished for moving. Which is fine but we get no benefit to offset that limitation. Demonology warlocks aren't bad DPS, it's that if we have to move we are punished because we stop making imps or RNG just hasn't given us anything in over a minute so we're stuck throwing out shadowbolts and Hand of Gul'dan, waiting for that jackpot of core stacks so we can go ham on the boss for a few seconds.

Point is, demo is more random and bursty than you might imagine and if you group with one…ok let's be real, I'm the only one who insists on maining the spec since MoP…cut me some slack. Trash dies before I can get ramped up but I'm good on bosses.


Issue Three: Pet Control As I touched on above, we can't control all these demons. We need an "all stop" button or…something. I feel really stupid in Freehold Mythic at the Ring of Booty when my Hand of Guldan happens to tag a training dummy on the last trash pull and my imps just keep shooting at it. We're all just standing there watching them and I'm like, "Yeah…I can't really do anything about it, they're stupid". That's minor though, the fact that I can't do anything with imps, fel hounds, the Vile Fiend or my talent felguard other than fire and forget…it sucks. What if they're pulling adds? I can't even dismiss them! What if I need to stop DPS on a fight like Hivemind in Ny'alotha to keep the enemies at the same health? Too bad, get screamed at by everyone. What about the totems that all need to die at once in Atal'dazar on Vol'kaal? Lol, good luck.


Look, I know my complaints and grievances don't matter to most people but I love the game, I love my chosen class and the faint hope that someone who can look into these issues might see this is why I write. I want at least to add my voice to the discontent of others. I know warlocks aren't the most popular class but it really matters to some of us. My warlock has been a large part of my life, from crafting my first 20 slot soul shard bag to having metamorphosis and Glyph of Demon Hunting taken away and turned into an entire other class. From spending 2 weeks straight fighting Kanrethad for green fire and my "of the Black Harvest" title up to today where I'm getting yelled at in Mythic dungeons because of the damage ramping making me look like I'm AFK on the DPS meter while everyone laughs at my mentally challenged imps. It's not my fault that my class is built this way and it doesn't have to be like this – the developers are literally the gods of Azeroth and could change the entire class if they wanted. So I'm asking: could someone more important than me please advocate for the class so that maybe they'll look at some things?

Thank you for indulging my pointless rant but I needed to get that out into the world.

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