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Caverns of Time instances you would also want to see/challenge.

wow7 - Caverns of Time instances you would also want to see/challenge.

Do you have some key historical periods/events (with moral dillema) you would want to see in WoW? I'd like to see yours in the comments.

  • Your event
  1. Event description
  2. Gameplay you would like
  3. Moral Dilemma

Here's mine:

  • Betrayal and Destruction of Alterac
  1. This happened in the Second War where the Alliance sieges Alterac and slaughters the Orgrimm's Horde as well as the Alterac military that was stationed and bolstering inside.
  2. I'd like the player/s to assist Uther Lightbringer, Thoras Trollbane and Daelin Proudmoore in dealing with the tratiors and escorting out the citizens, while preventing the Infinite Dragonflight from assassinating Uther, and Aiden Perenolde.
  3. Why do this? Alterac's passage was the Horde's safe way to asssault Lordaeron and the safest way to reach Caer Darrow and Quel'thalas. Destroying Alterac also prevents the Horde from taking it's resources and allows the Alliance to secure Alterac Valley.

  • Ilidan and the Eye of Sargeras (Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Night Elf: The Ruins of Dalaran)
  1. This happened after the Third War where Illidan uses the Eye of Sargeras to destroy the Frozen Throne.
  2. I'd like the player/s to head to the Violet Hold, rescue Magroth the Defender guarded by the Infinite Dragonflight, and then assist Maiev Shadowsong, Malfurion Stormrage, and Sira Moonwarden in destroying the Naga Summoners and the Eye of Sargeras. Then after that, the player/s will go the Purgation Isle where they will assist Illidan Stormrage and Malfurion Stormrage in defeating the combined forces of the Scourge and the Infinite Dragonflight present there and the Death Knight Baron Isiden Perenole to rescue Tyrande Whisperwind.
  3. Why do this? Although destroying the Frozen Throne will finally end the Scourge, it should be noted that without a controller of the damned, the Scourge wil go rampant and will attack anything they see. The destruction would also destroy Icecrown entirely, possibly flooding the whole Northrend and driving the Taunka, Tuskarr, Frostborn and the Drakkari Trolls to extinction. This arcane abuse will also enrage Malygos and will cause him to declare war on the mages much sooner. And finally, with the Icecrown caverns destroyed, the Faceless Ones will emerge out and Yogg'Sarron will immediately invade Azeroth.

  • Escape from the Dungeons of Dalaran (Warcaft 3 Frozen Throne ~~Human~~ Blood Elf: The Dungeons of Dalaran)
  1. This happened after the Third War where Garithos had Kael'thas jailed.
  2. I'd like the player/s to head to the Violet Hold, defeat Human Clerics, Archers and Knights, before freeing Kael'thas. Then the players assist Kael and Lady Vashj in defeating more of those human forces, as well as Gnome Assassins, Dwarven Riflemen, and High Elf sellout priests before freeing Kael's lieutenants: Gathios, Veras Darkshadow, Zerevor, Malande, and then other blood elves Keleseth, Vorenthal, Valanar, Rommath, Kayn Sunfury, and Lana'thel. Then everyone rushes outside, fighting through Infinite Dragonflights towards Kel'thuzad's Portal. The player/s build towers and Naga spawning pools Warfront style to fight off waves of human/gnome/dwarf attackers as well as Dalaran Experiments and Avatars of Teron Gorefiend, Medivh, Kel'thuzad, and Blackhand the Destroyer, with the final wave led by Jailor Kassan before the non-player/s enter the portal.
  3. Why do this? The Blood Elves played a pivotal role in defeating Kil'jaeden in Sunwell Isle, and they prevented the Broken Draenei from going extinct from the Fel Orcs.

  • Siege of Theramore (Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Orc: A Blaze of Glory)
  1. This happened after the Third War where Daelin Proudmoore declared an unprovoked war on Thrall's Horde.
  2. I'd like the player/s to head to Tidefury Cove and destroy it, then build an Orcish Warfront, and build a Beastiary that trains Wyvern Riders and Bat Riders to attack the Infinite Dragonflight and then destroy the surrounding Navy. Then the player assists Rexxar, Chen Stormstout, Rokhan, Vol'jin, Nazgrel, and Cairne Bloodhoof in dealing with the Kul Tiran forces. The players must defeat Chief Petty Officer, Baron Ashvane, Captain Thornby before finally confronting Daelin Proudmoore.
  3. Why do this? Daelin's unprovoked attack will spark perhaps a Fourth War where the Alliance and Horde will fight each other tooth and nail. And without an existing greater threat to put the Alliance and Horde to truce, one of the two sides will suffer more casualties more than defeating Proudmoore. Also, without Thrall to defend the elements, and the combined forces of the Alliance and Horde, Azeroth will not stand a chance against the Scourge and the Legion.

Disclaimer: I've never played WoW myself but I just love the lore (pre-BfA, that is)

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