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Changes/Fixes discussion for WW monks in Shadowlands

wow4 - Changes/Fixes discussion for WW monks in Shadowlands

This is a follow up post to my previous post addressing the current issues of WWs

So now that we've covered whats wrong with WWs currently. We can start to find ways to fix it. Im not going to go into the nitty gritty of fixing scaling and bugs. ill mention them briefly, but those are a known issue, and scaling isnt a huge problem if we get aura buffs to keep up like we did in legion. What I'm going to be talking about is what the community of WWs in the discord have been advocating for for awhile now. Whether they actually fix the spec or not is up in the air, but these are just some ideas in the event blizzard does hear our outcry.

So I'm going to begin with talents, since legion our talent tree has been cookie cutter for the most part. some of our talents rows are situational and give us meaning, like row 15, 25, and 40. For the most part our talent tree is fine. we just suffer from a major tuning problem, in row 45 and 50 especially. in row 45 hit combo is too strong and in row 50 Spiritual focus and serenity are way too weak. row 15, is the only DPS row that we can fully use all 3 talents however they give little in terms of performance. Our energy row, row 30, we default to FotWT for the most part, but we can use ascension when we are getting procs and resources thrown our way, which looks to be the case in SL with nightfae, that talent is there to help with that and isnt a problem. energizing elixir is a talent from a past time and hasnt been used at all during BFA. in legion EE was busted but it allowed us to spend get all of our resources up front and have a really strong burst, especially during the ToS 6p days. but its current BFA state its out of place and actually overflows us with resources that go wasted. Row 35 is our utility row, Tiger tail sweep is a nice talent but it goes unused for the most part because Ring of piece is a much better CC utility, however both go unused in raids for the most part because many encounters dont allow knockback or a stun. Good karma is a nice utility and adds to the defensiveness of Touch of Karma, which ill get into later.

So thats the summary of the current talent situation, now for fixes.

Row 15 just needs buffing and, thats not a problem and row 25 is also fine.

Row 30 is good for the most part but i would remove EE and replace it with an altered RJW. this RJW would be a toggle, your RJW would do X amount of damage (keeping in line with the AoE cap) on 6 targets but your energy regeneration will be reduced by X amount per second.

Row 35 is in a weird spot as its really strong in Open world and PVP but not so hot in raids. im inclined to let this row be but ive seen mention of making Ring of Piece baseline, moving good karma to replace inner strength and making the row another DPS row. if that were to happen and change row 35 into another dps row i would move WDP into this row and add in SotW back in as well, leaving us with one more spot, i would take a talent that alters CJL. give us the legendary in this spot or make CJL be a chain lightning and do X amount more damage per target hit.

Row 40 is fine as it is currently, ive seen some people wanting to bring back healing elixirs in place of inner strength. with the row 35 dps row change good karma could easily fit in, it might need a buff but that just tuning.

Now for everyones favorite rows 45 and 50, ill start with 45, first, remove hit combo its too similar to the mastery and its too punishing. Fury of Xuen is a much better combo strikes builder and it could replace it easily. Weve already got an azerite trait as a talent with Dance of ChiJi so making this row the azerite row wouldnt be a big deal either. going off my RJW change, i would throw in the Double RSK artifact trait to replace it. weve had this in the game since WoD with the archimonde trinket, just make it a talent at this point.

Row 50, this one is a mess. it feels like the cooldown changing Row but WDP is here and out performs the other two talents by far. This row is going to probably change the most here. i would hard redo this row. First we need to remove SEF, blizzard seems die hard to keep this in the game but its been a mess since its inception and it just needs to go, i think most of us can agree that the class fantasy can just step aside on this one, no one is going to cry or be hurt that SEF is gone. but now with SEF gone we are missing a cooldown, and easy solution would just make serenity baseline which could be the case, however. Serenity doesnt help with our resource management problem and only furthers it in shadowlands as we are getting so many extra resources and procs. Serenity needs to be altered for it to be an effective cooldown. some have said make it give it a second charge or rework it and make it similar to TEB or even bring back TEB as the main cooldown. but as for going back to the talent row, this should be a Xuen row, and going off of babylonius' xuen ideas, this row should allow the player to call xuen and use his powers. his idea is to have one talent as an evoke that gives addition effects to our spells, but lets take it further and make it a whole row, i see this row as being AoE, cleave and then general gameplay, Babylonius' idea is good and should be the general gameplay and call it something along the lines of Celestial gift. for Cleave, Lightning Claws, for 30 seconds Xuen infuses you with his power and your chi casters cause lightning to shoot out of your body to hit up to 3 targets for X amount of damage. this next talent i could see going two ways, Twin Tigers, summon banlu along with Xuen allowing for additional AoE, or flashing Storms, Xuen's Tiger lightning now hits additional targets.


These talent changes arent the end all be all of what could happen, WWs talents for the most part are in a good place but a lot of tuning needs to happen. These are just an idea and i would love to see everyones thoughts on them or what else we could add to make the tree better.

Covenants are currently still buggy and we cant properly test them but from what we gathered, with the venthyr ability WW feels like a summoner class which its not and goes against the general class fantasy that WW has. and the nightfae fills us with extra resources that WW cant use effectively. WWs mastery doesnt really allow for extra procs. but this is more of a lack of focus gripe and i know a couple of other specs with bad covenant abilites. kyrian is alright it could be altered, resetting our RSK doesnt work with our mastery and we have to wait a global to actually use it. maybe buff the damage of our next RSK instead?

Touch of karma needs the damage reflect to be removed and made into a PVP talent called bad karma, blizzard has actively called using defensives as offensives degenerate play but they leave it in the game and have given us a buff for it in fortifying brew which was made into a pvp talent in legion. theyre targeting the wrong defensive, karma is the problem not fortifying brew.

Xuen currently is weak and we have a datamined rank 2 with the gale burst ToD mechanic baked in, sadly we dont have that currently. but with that Change xuen might be able to become a more effective cooldown, and it needs to be because its now baseline. Xuen also has some scaling issues which doesnt help out its overall damage.

Storm earth and fire, its needs to go. if they really really really want to keep it then they should revert it back to the old WoD version where we had some use out of it as a ranged cleave, but even then the spell itself is still buggy and scaling on external systems predictably doesnt work and is changed. its been years and they still cant get it right so its time for them to cut their loses and just remove it.

Besides scaling issues, WW doesnt have a go to stat. which blizzard also said that if a spec stacks verse over anything else then something is wrong. which weve been doing for hte past two years. a good change to make Crit more important is to bring back the pinnacle of WW design, the legion 6p, and make it baseline, that would give us WWs what weve been asking for for years now and give crit a bigger weight.

a fan favorite change is making WDP baseline and bring back SotW as a talent or make it baseline as well. granted both of these changes would be positive and having another chi spender would be nice. and weve been using WDP for so long it would just be weird to be without it.

and lastly here, bug fixes. WDP still bugs out at high haste percentages which doesnt feel good when youre stuck waiting for something to happen because you cant cast a spell that youd normally cast. and the interaction with the 300% WDP cast at the end of SEF is still in the game, removing the ability to cancelaura didnt fix the interaction and it just made SEF worse in pvp because you can just CC the clone and now youve lost out on 45% of damage. the clones could just just disappear rather than fly back or cancel any animation or effects after the timer is up. the FoF channeling bug keeping you in combat has been in the game for awhile now and its just annoying. and not being able to use 2handers as intended since alpha.

these are just general issues that need to be fixed and have been stated before in everyone elses post and post of my own that address them. im just making this follow up post to help provide fixes and make them known to the rest in this community. and i hope to see some discussion about other potential fixes or changes everyone would like to see in WW.

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