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Changes to how r/wow will cover the World First Race

wow2 - Changes to how r/wow will cover the World First Race

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With the World First Race beginning on Tuesday, we're switching up how we cover the World First Race. Since Uldir, we've had one stickied Megathread and redirected all threads related to the race into that thread.

After the Eternal Palace race, we reviewed the feedback received about the Megathread and prior feedback from other races that was posted in r/wow and r/wowmeta. People were upset that the Megathread was the only place they could discuss the race and that it was no better than twitch chat. People were posting garbage left and right and it really soured their whole experience.

Unfortunately, they were right. The comments section on the thread was garbage, especially towards the end of the race, and without another place to discuss the race people just didn't bother. As a result, we were failing the community. We're sorry for that.

Going into the future, we will continue to have the sticky topic. It will continue to have stream links to guilds or individual streamers and it will continue to be updated showing the best pull percentage. That way people who want to drop in for a minute can quickly see where everyone's at.


However threads will no longer be consolidated into the Megathread. This means when a boss dies and someone makes a thread announcing that fact, it will not be removed. We will continue to remove reposts, so there aren't 5 threads announcing the same thing. We'll be adding a temporary "World First Race" flair that submitters can pick. That way if you have absolutely no interest in the race, you can filter it out.

Similarly, the Wrap-up Megathread after all the bosses are dead never really worked, so we're discontinuing it.

We believe that these changes will allow the race to be discussed in a way that is more inviting to people who want to follow along and discuss the event as it unfolds live.

There is one downside that will be frequently encountered as a result of this change. We sort the sticky by new to keep new information at the top of the thread. It also has the benefit of preventing downvoted comments being thrown way to the bottom.

People are very passionate about the guilds they like and don't like and despite votes being hidden here for 30minutes it's not uncommon to see a comment that's 5 minutes old at -15 in the Megathread. Regular posts are not sorted by new, so some may find the user created threads to be very unfriendly. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution for this.

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