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Class Design is still one of the worst parts of BfA

wow1 - Class Design is still one of the worst parts of BfA

When I look at BfA and 8.2 by far the most disappointing aspect to me are the base class designs and talent balance. There are a few main points to this for me. Some of this is definitely things can that can happen in the patch (tuning, talent tuning), but I realize some of it has to wait. No reason we can't be talking about it though.

  1. Talent balance
  2. GCD changes
  3. Previously baseline abilities being put in talents
  4. Incomplete class rotation reworks/unwillingness to address
  5. General lack of tuning


Not a ton to say here. For essentially every class in the game talent balance is awful, and in most cases it's more than simple matter of 1-2% and the community perception blowing it up. I fully agree that there is a problem in WoW of if it's not the absolute best choice it's a terrible choice. However, there are plenty of talents for EVERY CLASS that are 5-8% behind their competition. That's no longer a viable choice to make.


I don't like this change. I never have. However, the thing that angers me the most at this point is how inconsistent it has been the entire time. Why are tank defensives all over the damn place when it comes to what is on GCD and what's not? Why did some cooldowns get use effects added to them and others did not? Why did most movement spells get taken off the GCD but a few like Chi torpedo or Divine Steed that come to mind did not? Why is Bloodlust off the GCD, but Rallying Cry is not?

This has to be one of the laziest and most haphazard design changes they have ever done. For something that is so disruptive to the established gameplay of the last 10 years you'd think maybe they could have put a bit more effort into it.

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Shadow Word Death, Phoenix Flames, and more. There are few things that have ever felt worse to me in this game than having something you had access to all the time in the previous expansion and was a core part of your class gameplay and blizzard decides to put in your talent tree. Like good mother of Odin few things make me as angry as when I see them do this. The last thing classes needed in WoW was for even more stuff to be taken away and locked behind talents. Especially when talent balance is so largely ignored, and has been since they introduced the current talent system we have now.


Some classes straight up did not get finished. Enh shamans, Arcane Mages, Hunters maybe fall into this. As a warrior I won't claim our classes are incomplete but there are def classes out there that did not get finished. It absolutely blows my mind that their stance is "well sorry we didn't have time to finish your class, but you'll have to wait until next expansion" because apparently it's "jarring" to make changes. You know what else is jarring? Having your class play like a hot pile of dong when it didn't before.


This is another one of the biggest things to me. With the ability to hotfix things being more expansive than ever why do they not use that tool? Why was there only a single balance pass for the entirety of season 2 that lasted months? Why was arms warrior actually the worst dps spec in the game for so long? Why is Arcane mage still a giant laughing stock? Why are so many talents that need nothing but single number tweak never looked at?

I just do not understand friends. I love WoW. In general I would say I think 8.2 is pretty good. But I am so damn disappointed in what they are doing with classes, and how they did basically nothing to classes in 8.1.5 or 8.2. It's just sad.

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