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Hello there, Reddit community of World of Warcraft!

Today, I’m here to discuss about an idea that’s been revolving inside my head for a while now, and I’d like to expose it to all of you.


What are they?
Class events are bits of quests and events tied to each class flavour of choice delivered straightly to players on a weekly/monthly basis.

Why do we need them?
One thing that could refresh players’ personal experience would be, in my opinion, a widen space and importance to class centralization. I am well aware that World of Warcraft is a ‘themepark’ kind of MMO and not a ‘sandbox’, thus it’s not really focused on players based content, but Activision Blizzard should totally take a step forward and implement such feature to expand their playerbase appeasement.

How do they work?
Each week/month (depending on developers’ will) each class is given a task to complete in exchange for different rewards.
Here are some examples:

  • Rogue: rogues could be needed to assassinate a target NPC specifically spawned during that week/month in an enemy capital, and be sure to dispatch it without being spotted. War Mode could play a role for extra bonus loot. Another example could be retrieving artifacts/chests in timed istanced scenarios, or steal through pickpocketing a precious item from certain NPC or keys that would unlock other chests in turn.

  • Shaman: shamans could be required to tame raging elementals or restore balance through the world of Azeroth, undergo trials to renew their pacts with the elementals or challenge and be challenged back by the Elemental Lords. This could include minigames such as Lucid Nightmare ones or Kirin Tor world quests: similar but on theme.

  • Hunter: hunters would be called for ferocious animal bounties around the world: if I were a hunter on Azeroth, I’d thrive to challenge my capabilities as a predator, dispatching of dangerous animals, saving endagered species, hunt for meat and leather and then perhaps have some cargo transportation minigames where you have to protect a caravan of supplies, for example. Animal hunting would include sky and underwater environment.

Being my class knowledge limited, I can’t really perform a full analysis on every single quest, but the idea should be clear enough by now.

These events, depending on the kind of task requested, could either be completed from a solo-play only perspective, a duo/trio co-op gameplay design, or large massively class event raids to fulfill the requirements.

What are the rewards?
Rewards could change based on the type of mission one is accomplishing.
A good credit system could be the “class token”, a currency a player can spend on a dedicated class NPC to purchase toys or cosmetic items on. Depending on developer’s preference, even gear could be distributed.

In conclusion:
Legion was a very refreshing experience, focused on the players’ most important choice when creating a character: class.
To stimulate one’s will to play, a user should feel appealed to fulfill the role they imposed themselves towards the game.
A gameplay design such as this would surely add great content to this game, so I hope to receive some feedback on this idea that could possibly grow and be developed furthermore with the help of the community!

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