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Closing out Autism Awareness Month + Image Flair Giveaway

wow10 - Closing out Autism Awareness Month + Image Flair Giveaway

wow - Closing out Autism Awareness Month + Image Flair Giveaway


As Autism Awareness Month comes to a close, we'd like to thank /u/DesMephisto for his tireless efforts to bring Autism Awareness to a wider audience. With his dedication along with the support of r/wow,, TSM,
Heatonist - Closing out Autism Awareness Month + Image Flair GiveawayHeatonist
and Discord he has raised over $2,500 in support of the Autism Self-Advocacy Network. ASAN seeks to "…empower autistic people across the world to take control of our own lives and the future of our common community, and seek to organize the autistic community to ensure our voices are heard in the national conversation about us. Nothing About Us, Without Us!"

Thank you to all who donated in support of ASAN, along with those who chose to support in other ways such as using the ASAN subreddit user flair created specifically for this event. If you haven't donated already but want to,
please follow this link and do so here!


To close out the month we've decided to use this thread as an open and safe forum for those with Autism to share stories about how World of Warcraft has made an impact on your lives. People from all over the world, all walks of life can meet in WoW and create bonds that last forever. Families and friends of those with autism are encouraged to share your WoW stories too!


We'll be running a contest in this thread to giveaway one custom image user flair. Image flair is normally reserved for moderators and well known community figures, should you win you'll be able to choose your own!1.



Leave a top level comment2 in this thread before April 30th 2019, 11:59pm EST.

  • Your account must be at least 90 days old

  • Your account must have positive karma in wow and overall on reddit

  • You must have some activity within the last 6 months in wow

2 – "top level comment" means a comment as a direct reply to this post, not a reply to other users. The votes will not be considered at all in the draw, so downvoting people will have no effect on their ability to win.

If you are here to be an asshole to autistic people or their loved ones, consider what's going on in your life that is leading you to lash out against strangers. The Mod Team of r/wow will not be tolerating abuse or ill-considered "jokes" in this thread.

If you're looking for our displaced stickies here are some below:

  • Murloc Monday

  • State of the Game Monday

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