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Coming to the Blizzard Store with 8.3: The PortalStone!

wow1 - Coming to the Blizzard Store with 8.3: The PortalStone!

We've listened to your feedback on the removal of some of your most beloved and convenient portals, and we feel this is an excellent opportunity to please our stockholders at your expense, by monetizing a problem that we created!

Introducing the PortalStone! Conveniently taking up yet another space in your bags, once you return to a location that previously had a portal attached to it, you can right click the stone to begin a one week cooldown that will save that location to your stone for future use at your convenience and a small gold fee!

That's right! We've combined the fun of tedious backtracking AND pointless timegating in one inconvenient item! Now anyone can have the convenience of a mage without destroying precious class fantasy, which has always been a concern of ours since we moved all your abilities to the global cooldown.

The PortalStone will be priced at 29.99 USD, but if you have a recurring six-month subscription, you'll get one absolutely free as our bonus gift to you! It's our little way of saying "Thanks!" for paying us in large lump sums that you probably forgot about.

For those of you who are concerned about the potential "pay to win" convenience of this item, don't worry. We'll also be introducing a new token that you'll earn just by playing the game at your own pace. By mining, skinning, or herbing various nodes in any zone in BFA, you'll have a chance to loot a new item called "Portal-Infused Azerite." It turns out that moving and closing so many portals across Azeroth had an arbitrary impact on the environment that has infused our already plot-hole riddled Macguffin with even more poorly explained and surprisingly lackluster powers. A new vendor is interested in crafting with this Azerite and will be available near each faction capital. The Alliance vendor will be in Bridgeport, so they can experience exciting ganking opportunities from the nearby onslaught of roaming Horde death squads.


For the Horde, we recognize that Dazar'alor is an incredibly inconvenient city to maneuver around, so it doesn't matter really where we place the vendor! But be assured, it'll be at a location of your least convenience and may even patrol around the city! So keep your eyes out for them!

By trading in enough Portal-Infused Azerite, you can claim one PortalStone with a varying amount of charges depending on how much of the Azerite the vendor has to work with. 50 Portal-Infused Azerite will gain you a stone with the ability to learn one location and teleport you there five times. 1000 Portal-Infused Azerite will allow you to have a stone that can learn five locations with twenty charges before it expires!

We're so excited to offer you this new opportunity to grind for your own convenience and feel that this will be a big step in making the world as immersive and social as we always wanted it to be. So have fun, and we'll see you on the Subscription Cancel screen!

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