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Community! Hear a hunter’s plea for help: Blood-soaked tome of dark whispers

wow6 - Community! Hear a hunter’s plea for help: Blood-soaked tome of dark whispers

(I know a post was made about this yesterday, but I didn't like the tone from that post nor did it include asking for help to solve this)

I'm looking for the help of our mighty community to find this:

The item in question

Maybe even to break negativity and or have something fun to do (I at least think so). Please help us Hunter-bro’s out, and look for things out of the ordinary that can be tied to blood, Zul, trolls, blood beasts or whispers. It will eventually lead to a Tome, that only hunters can use.

A little background. Patch 8.1 introduced a tome ( for Hunters to acquire that will enable them to tame blood beasts (crawgs and others). Being a Hunter myself lets me know that this is exciting! New pets R good!

So, we have been busy in the WoW Secret Finding Discord for 2 weeks now to unravel this Mystery. To put it frankly: We have NOTHING. But we tried a lot:

  • extensive fishing and archaeology
  • exterminating untold amounts of blood trolls, crawgs, blood ticks, and faceless mobs
  • Corrupting pets
  • incursions
  • island expeditions
  • searched Uldir, Underrot, AD, King’s Rest, ZG, ZF, Drak’Tharon Keep, basically everything with Zul in the name or tied to Zul’s lore
  • looked into Blood Scribes; the one in anyport has a book where all the pages “appear” to be blank. Interacted with it under the effects of a mushroom from Drustvar
  • checked for footprints/blood drops/tracks, flared everywhere
  • swam and looked underwater all over nazmir
  • used emotes on trolls/blood beasts/faceless
  • tried checking around Krag’wa, tried finding his lost spawn, tried emoting and swimming around him.
  • All BFA zones checked while dead for things interactable
  • Walking around with pets like the ICC blood boil, and others
  • /listen in various places
  • interactions with mobs that have blood pets
  • check area where Zul fell of the pyramid
  • Any way Jani could have this item (stole it lol)
  • Probably missing half of more things that have been tried.
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Some Item specifics:

  • item is BoP. Unlikely to be from a profession other than fishing or archaeology
  • item requires level 120 to use.
  • Muffinus implied that it is in game with a tractor emoji. Tractor probably means nothing:
  • Can’t be from horde only quests
  • Is usable while dead

Only leads we have:

  1. We’re looking for an NPC blood elf:
  2. We’re trying to get a trinket from arch to do testing:
  3. The thing is interactable with while dead, that’s a thing

We need your help, and I hope you’re willing to lend a hand. Ideas also very welcome! Thanks in advance!

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