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Comprehensive leveling information for 8.1

wow1 - Comprehensive leveling information for 8.1

Hey everybody, so as all of you know 8.1 comes out Tuesday, and with that the one of the most anticipated changes many of us have been asking for, XP NERFS!

I want to let everybody know that Zyrrael and I have been working really hard, we have 20-60 done and will be in the official release soon which can be found here (note, I am not Brutalis, Brutalis was involved with the 110-120 route) you can also use the beta which will have some of the 60-80 route for horde and alliance. If you need the horde and alliance routes, you can check out my youtube . They’re direct video from my streams focused on explaining what I’m doing and showcasing. I’ve stopped playing music so you can hear 100% of the audio.

We also have a speed running discord available for everyone to join and come chat about leveling and tips on how to do it quickly.

We (myself and u/emil1907) have a guide on wowhead which can be found here its out of date and will be my next project after AAP to fix and modify with videos.

There is also a quick spreadsheet for 12 specs that are listed as some of the fastest for leveling with heirlooms, enchants and talents focused on their end game stat priority which can be found here

Also important things to consider before you start your leveling adventure in 8.1

Draught of Ten Lands increases all stats by 10 and experience by 10% for 1 hour. This is obtained with currency from the new warfront. It requires 10 of said currency which you obtain 15 of for completing a warfront, and 1 for each WQ, both factions will be able to get a draught at the same time.


Incursions are not as good as Legion leveling, you can complete them starting at 110 and having unlocked Kul’Tiran/Zandalar for the opposite faction. Once completing 4 WQs, and the incursion you get a 1 hour buff with an unknown XP % gain. For now I’m uncertain how effective incursion leveling will be but do not expect legion level gains, =(

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Also as a fun thing, I’ve been running the math and I think I can do 20-120 in about 26 hours so I’ll be doing a Marathon Saturday the 22nd (I have a final on the 21st). Let me know if you want to see horde or alliance! (Races available: Highmountain Female, Nightborne Male, Void Elf Male, Lightforged Male)

To summarize all of that quickly:

Azeroth Auto Pilot





Have fun and happy leveling everyone!

Current fastest routes and times:

Alliance 20-60 – 6 hours

Redridge > Duskwood > STV > Cape of STV > WPL > Loch Modan > Wetlands

Alliance 60-80 – 5 hours

Boren Tundra > Dragonblight > Grizzly Hills > Zul'Drak > Zangramarsh > Nagrand

Horde 20-60 – 6 hours 30 minutes

Brill > Silverpine > Hillsbrad > WPL > EPL > STV (I'm positive I can make this route faster but I need to gather more data as EPL is bad and STV is less amazing than Silver/Hills/WPL for horde)

Horde 60-80 – 5 hours

Boren Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly hills, Zul'Drak, Zangramarsh, Nagrand

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