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Curse/MMOC Is Being Sold: Where Do Addon Authors And the Community Stand?

wow4 - Curse/MMOC Is Being Sold: Where Do Addon Authors And the Community Stand?

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I make the popular WoW addon DejaCharacterStats and have been concerned about the addon community and its authors for a while now.

I would ask that you try to take this seriously and really think about the consequences. I intend to spark discussion and inform the community about something that has become foundational to WoW; Curse addon distribution and MMOChampion data-mining and news reporting.

Yes, I am salty that Curse addon developers have not been able to get paid for a month, but this is ultimately about the third party infrastructure that props up WoW's shortcomings. The Viagra spam and lack of payment are simply red flags that prompt one to step back and consider the situation.

I have been trying to get it across to the WoW community that resources they take for granted may soon have reversions in quality, stability, reliability, distribution, and author participation.

There are remedies, but they are under-utilized. Some authors, like DBM's author, have had to come ask for help and the community delivered. But there are tons of other addon authors that don't ask for help and fall through the cracks and leave.

Fact: Assuming I eventually get paid, DejaCharacterStats made more money in October and November on Curse than has ever been donated to it by the community. I attribute this to the bystander effect.


With this in mind are you okay with addon authors being in a predicament where they may feel beholden to Curse or other third parties instead of the community or WoW because they get paid by them, because of their reach of distribution and myriad other factors not involving money?

So that is my one anecdote. What about the 40+ other addons and their authors that are more popular than DCS? What about the thousands that are less popular?

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What about the addons that YOU use?

I made a recent video asking a larger question about third parties, their relationship to the community, and their propping up WoW here:

I had previously made a video trying to articulate that the WoW addon community may have its issues coming to light. Yeah I ramble and it's quiet, sorry, just being me: Curse Viagra Spam: Future of Addon Development?

So ask yourself what would happen if Curse and WoWInterface or MMOChampion went away. Old school players know well how shabby addon distribution was back then.

If addon authors like DBM's, ones that fundamentally change the game, go under-supported and long unheard what chance does the community have in being supported and heard?

This goes outside of addon authors, Curse and MMOC. It is the dynamic of the community, Blizzard and third parties. Think beyond what I am saying here.


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