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Dad returning to WOW. Exploring Azeroth with terminal cancer.

wow1 - Dad returning to WOW. Exploring Azeroth with terminal cancer.

My first journey into Azeroth was during BC. I logged into my fathers’ account and fired up his human Paladin. Jumping merrily through Duskwood, dropping judgements on mobs, I felt invincible and completely out of my depth. Luckily paladins were quite resilient at the time and I merrily went on my way. Until out of shadows rose a beast of fury, a lvl 57 Druid that completely destroyed me. I’m sure my knowledge of only one button to click and auto attack didn’t help me much (strafing being something I still struggle with). I was floored and completely smitten. I begged my dad for my own account and he carried me through many levels and more adventures than I ever imagined. We played together until I left for college two years later. He dropped WOW soon after that, citing work schedules and my step mom bugging him about spending more time with him.

I continued to play off and on though the years, picking up more seriously though Draenor and Legion. Recently I haven’t had quite the time I wanted to play, though I have been gearing up for Classic with all the enthusiasm of my first foray into Azeroth.

On Wednesday of last week my father had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. They subsequently found a brain tumor and have diagnosed him with Glioblastoma. This form of cancer is terminal and his prognosis with treatment is about a year. They performed surgery but the doctor said, due to the nature of the cancer, it cannot be fully removed. He is starting chemo and radiation in two weeks.


I’m devastated. I didn’t know how to help him. I went back to my home in Virginia with a heavy heart. My dad lives in Wisconsin. I want to support him as much as possible in the remaining time he has left.

This morning he called me to say he had downloaded WOW again. He wanted to know if I was down for an adventure into Azeroth, like when I was younger. He said we’d could always spend our time there together because he knows that I am a mom and I work and I need to live my life. However in the evening, after my son is asleep, we plan to dive back into WOW once again for as long as we have left together.

No matter where his fight with cancer takes us, I want to thank my Dad for introducing me to WOW and to thank blizzard for the chance to spend time with my Dad for a little while longer before he leaves for his last great adventure.

I love you Dad.

Edit: Thanks everyone for the love and for the gold and platinum. My Dad was blown away and the outpouring of support is incredible. Your messages and similar stories touched my heart. We look forward to seeing everyone in Azeroth.

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