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Dear Blizzard, please give us a way to obtain ALL the missing class set pieces and recolors

wow2 - Dear Blizzard, please give us a way to obtain ALL the missing class set pieces and recolors

TL: DR The missing set pieces for multiple class sets, as well as class set recolors, exist and are probably already in the game. In BfA Blizzard demonstrated that these pieces/sets can be given to players, so it would be great if they could enable us to collect all the other missing set pieces and recolors.

As I am patiently awaiting the news about pre-patch and pondering whether or not Shadowlands will be delayed, I decided to fill out my time and return to my favorite pre-expansion-launch past time, collecting old stuff. Notably old transmogs.

But every time I return to this activity, my OCD side gets triggered by the number of missing pieces some of the class sets have. And I am not talking about pieces that I haven't collected, I'm talking about incomplete class sets.

Before BfA, I always tough the missing set pieces are gone for good and that Blizzard will never bother to add to the game because it probably requires a lot of work. But then Island Expeditions happened, and I realized how wrong I am. It appears that adding or actually ENABLING old stuff is easy as we got multiple missing pieces and even recolors I never thought I would see past the time they were announced back in their relevant patch.

Let me explain in more detail. As I main warlock, I will be using my class sets as an example, but I am 100% sure the same principle applies to all other classes (except maybe Demon Hunter).

Way back in November of 2011, when patch 4.3 and the accompanying raid Dragon Soul came out, warlocks got the chance to collect the set called Vestments of the Faceless Shroud. Now the Vestments really looked cool — and they still do — but they had a problem. Both the Raid Finder and Heroic versions were missing the matching belts. That is until Island Expeditions came and re-introduced the whole LFR Faceless Shroud set
vestments of the faceless shroud raid finder recolor - Dear Blizzard, please give us a way to obtain ALL the missing class set pieces and recolors

as Faceless Follower set, now available to all (cloth) classes, including the missing piece. The heroic version of the set is still, to this day, missing the belt.

Now you might say, so what, one set is missing a belt, no big deal, right. Wrong. Many other sets are missing pieces, some even more than one. Continuing with the warlock example, here are the rest of the sets that are missing stuff:

  • Corruptor Raiment (Serpentshrine Cavern) – Wrist
  • Malefic Raiment (Black Temple) – Wrist, Feet
  • Valorous Deathbringer Garb (Ulduar 10-player) – Wrist, Belt, Feet
  • Conqueror Deathbringer Garb (Ulduar 25-player) – Wrist, Feet
  • Gul'Dan's Regalia (Trial of the Crusader) – Wrist
  • Dark Coven's Regalia (Icecrown Citadel 10-player Normal) – Wrist, Belt, Feet
  • Sanctified Dark Coven's Regalia (Icecrown Citadel 25-player Normal) – Wrist, Belt, Feet
  • Shadowflame Regalia (The Bastion of Twilight Heroic) – Wrist, Feet
  • Balespider's Burning Vestments (Firelands Normal) – Belt
  • Balespider's Burning Vestments (Firelands Heroic) – Wrist, Belt

Big deal, right, wrists are almost always invisible, and it seems the last time a set-piece was missing was in Cataclysm. Wrong! Poor rogues have three sets that came in Antorus (7.3 – or freaking 2017) missing boots! A non-robe class, where boots are highly visible! That's LFR, Normal and MYTHIC version of their class set. In that same patch, for those same versions, Druids are missing belts, and Monks are missing wrists. And I'm sure if I dug into other classes, I could find a ton of other missing pieces across multiple expansions.


And don't let me get started on additional sets, the recolors that were also created and datamined back in their respective patch that we still can't obtain. Here are just some I could find:

Why am I going all crazy about this, why am I stressing out? Because these items exist! All of the missing items were conceptualized, drawn, made into a model, and engineered into the game. When Island Expeditions came out, I thought that over time we will get additional missing sets. But as this content flopped, so did our chance of completing the collection. And it appears that in Shadowlands, Blizzard completely gave up on providing means to obtain these items.

And there are so many ways they could implement these things:

  1. Trial of Style – Trial of Style is a great event, but the rewards are few. Give Trial of Style a small revamp and make it so that we can buy bags with Trial of Style tokens with a random chance to contain one of the missing/recolor pieces for your class.
  2. Timewalking Vendors – Make it so that we can buy the missing pieces/ensembles with Timewarped badges when the week of the expansion where these items were introduced is active.
  3. Darkmoon Faire – Add a new vendor that sells the missing items for Darkmoon Prize Tickets.
  4. Black Market Auction House – Enable us to buy either complete ensembles or pieces, just like the old Vanilla Naxxramas gear.
  5. Rewards from Torghast/Maw – Gear of heroes long gone, buyable with whatever currency Torghast/Maw uses.

All I'm saying it's a real shame to let these sets/missing pieces rot away buried somewhere in the code. They are in the game, not too much extra work is required to enable them, and they add additional content to keep people engaged. So please, Blizzard, if you are reading this, hear my plea and give us a way to earn these nice items. /endrant

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