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Derek Proudmoore and Calia Menethil are being set up to lead the Forsaken

wow8 - Derek Proudmoore and Calia Menethil are being set up to lead the Forsaken

Warcraft lore is often criticized as being Tolkien for toddlers were plots are byzantine to explain without heaps of context and back story but everything is pretty much face value when presented. Characters rarely if ever hide their motives from the actual player and when they do, they are generally considered a retcon like Kil'Jaden louring the Horde and Alliance to Outland during BC to defeat Illidan who he found out was working against him.

That being said, i think we can trust Derek Proudmoore and Calia Menethil when they appear to be devoted to their people, and honorable to their word even after death.

With Derek, we see a second recently risen unread character of human noble origins who is being given a unique story and role specifically centered around their new undead state, the first was Calia in Storm Before the Storm. I think we are seeing the beginning of blizzard introducing new faction leaders for the Undead. Both Calia and now Derek have made it clear they don't and won't fit in with the society living humans they were once a part of but are also longing for a community of their own.

I think it's safe to say we will be saying goodbye to Sylvanas and Nathanos hear before long and these ready made characters (Derek and Calia) with noble instincts and blood fit in better with a Horde very much concerned with honor than Sylvanas who is openly out for herself and has admitted to using the forsaken as self serving's tool for revenge. These are much better faction leaders for the Undead if they Undead are going to remain with the Horde after Sylvanas.

One of the big criticisms of MoP was there was no positive racial leaders for the Horde Orc leader during or after Garrsoh. Saurfang and Etrig were pretty much a nonentity between Woltk to now. With two ready to go faction leaders who share the values of an Honorable Horde really seem to slot nicely in for Sylvanas when she is defeated or what i think will happen, she leaves the horde outright to become Illidan 2.0 expect she's hunting Old Gods. To defeat them or just replace them i am not sure.

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Plus the Horde Undead boats are really cool and need a Undead Captain to lead them. I can very much see Derek and Calia leading the undead with a pact of sorts with the Red Dragon Flight/The light that allows the undead to preserve themselves from rotting and for the creation of more undead from the fallen (new players). The forsaken have always been a purpose driven race; first to defeat the Lich King, then to serve Sylvanas for her motives. A Derek/Calia lead Undead Faction could rise more undead to fight for an honorable and righteous vengeance to the initial death. This reminds me of the Blood Elf Blood Knights. This slots them better in the with horde, especially the Blood Elves and Nightborn as a more moody "You'll never understand our trials and tribulation, closed minded Alliance. The Horde actually understand honor and redemption at any cost" mindset.

What do you guys think. As undead player i honestly like were things are going. Sylvanas has never felt like "our leader" and i would like to see The Undead be more than playable pawns in some other characters long game.

UPDATE – I want to specify i am not anti Sylvanas. I love her character. I simple think Sylvanas is being removed from a faction bias like Thrall and Illidan was removed from their respective racial factions before they had their arch completed. I don't think Sylvanas will die and i don't think she will be the villain we will need to beat.

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