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Developers keep trying to justify bad decisions with “hard data”.

wow2 - Developers keep trying to justify bad decisions with "hard data".

Josh Allen tried (and failed) to solidify one of Ion's points about "yeah – you can look at the hard data and see what it is", etc, etc – which was a thinly veiled way of saying the community operates off "feelings" and they're operating off "hard data".

While I respect datapoints, this illustrates the kind of arrogance that the leadership has been displaying and the dissonance they're creating between them and their community.

My suggestion is, if they're going to just continue to gear this game around numbers and hard statistical data – poll the playerbase and see what THEY think about your changes. This won't solve the problems, simply because statistical data doesn't translate into an enjoyable gaming experience, but it would help.

Ion seems to have slipped into a strictly analytical mindset, maybe he was always that way, but he doesn't be able to interpret the abstract elements that create a fun and engaging gaming experience.


PS – Also, lulz at "if it sucks, tell us"…we've told you all expansion Ion.

-edit- from my response below, but felt it should have been included in the OP:

He was trying to dance around the subject on why they felt making the change to being able to delete M+ keystones was a good one. The problem is his entire arguments ignores the issue that some affixes are just poorly designed and not fun (read: "challenging" in Ion's words).

So he changes the argument from "players avoid poorly designed and randomized affixes in certain dungeons" to "players avoid challenging affixes/dungeons and play the easiest ones".

What it boils down to is he is trying to justify forcing more bad content on players. His thought process is more content = happy players, so if we force them to play this content they'll be happier. Ignoring the fact the content isn't enjoyable.

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