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Do you think Wow will ever go back on design changes?

wow7 - Do you think Wow will ever go back on design changes?

This is coming from a pretty casual player who has played since the beginning. I've done like 1 pug raid. Never done mythic or anything higher. I've dabbled in rated bgs and some random arenas. I have been in guilds but never a contributing member. I just like getting help with questing stuff every once and a while.

There is a lot I am not qualified to have an opinion on. What I am sharing is what keeps me coming back every expansion in hopes of change.

Battlegrouds are by far the most fun thing for me. I don't like all the changes just like everybody else. Dumbed down classes, no stats to mess around with and the new honor system.

I loved farming honor for new pvp gear. That is what kept me playing bgs over and over into the night. Seeing how each new piece boosted your stats. And at least for me see my performance go up ever so much with each new piece I got. I see now that we will never get pvp vendors back. They know we want it, will we ever get it back?

I also don't like how all the classes are so similar. Everyone has a similar rotation, 3 or 4 buttons. Everyone can self heal, etc etc. I remember the days of my mage with 4 action bars full of stuff using most of it, now I'm lucky to fill up 2. I remember warrior being too hard for me to play in bgs cause I wasn't good enough to stance dance and all that cool stuff, same with druids. Now all the classes are relatively simple from my point of view. I don't see them going back on this one. Same with talent trees. Can we hope they will go back on this one?


The last thing I'll mention is leveling. Leveling and questing are the other things that took up my time. I love the random interactions with both factions. Helping random people who are about to die and saving the day. Running into the opposite faction trying to decide if you can kill them. Surviving ganks. And even questing along side them sometimes.

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I really like some of the changes, like zones progressing with you. That's awesome cause I have been able to quest and level in areas I have never done before.

Leveling is a chore now. You get a new move like every 4 or 5 levels. And nothing new you get changes your rotation. Just add it on the end. No talents to spend every other level. It just isn't fun anymore. They have talked about reducing the xp to level but its never going to be the way it was. I liked having to spend gold to buy your moves. It gave you a reason to do professions. This kind of goes with classes. Do you see it getting reverted?

Everyone can see what drives the wow devs these days. I am really sad about it. Is there any hope?

Thanks for reading.

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