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Dota 2 scrub here (~4K hours) Just Joined WoW for the first time, you guys kinda nice.

wow7 - Dota 2 scrub here (~4K hours) Just Joined WoW for the first time, you guys kinda nice.

Servers are down so thought i'd write my new players peice, finally learning that restoration druid i use to watch my uncle play as a kid (he always turned into a tree) , i can only remember playing a tiny bit of WoW from back then and with classic coming out (two days after the international) i jumped in, i'm about 48 hours into the game.

Overall i'm having a really great time, no other game i've played makes a healer like wow does and i rlly get a kick out of making sure everyone stays at full health, i'm not sure if it's because of Dota's toxic community but all the guys i run into here seem eager to help and incredibly nice in comparison. there were some annoyances, people running through gathering the quest items faster than i physically could leaving me waiting there, but those guys seem rare and few.

i discovered People find it funny to see a low lvl character trying to pet battle (i got a quest go easy) but a couple were willing to lose pet battles to me, it seems wherever i go there's someone interested in helping and interacting, i've been browsing r/DotA2 (Bleed Blue Boys) for years now and seeing how much you guys love this game here and all the common themes rlly makes me giddy. From seeing bristlebacks in the wildlands and being sad i must kill my best ever offlaner to seeing that friend i added the other day on alliance popping up in front of my horde character as i mistook him for a mob. Ten minutes into having a subscription i got a guild invite, i know it might not be the best guild or anything but it's nice knowing it's there when i'm ready.


Seeing the sub get hype for patch and spam threads about server down just makes me feel at home, hell even the twitch clips are pretty wholesome here, all i hear is everyone loves classic but everyone still thinks modern wow has a lot of things they would miss. i think they both rlly cool n pretty. also you guys also have rlly cool fan arts and cakes n stuff.

By far i've had the most Fun simply travelling, playing druid not realising i automatically turn from a deer into a seal (tiger seal?? what's with their faces?) was interesting, barely surviving a cliff fall only to get an achievment for it, it's a pretty quirky game and despite the problems i hear i'm glad the playerbase has kept it alive, i might post again once (or if) i hit max lvl, until then i'm off to watch youtube WoW history videos, read icy veins guides until my brain realises it'd be easier to get an english degree.

thanks bois and For the Horde.

Tl:dr Having a rlly good time and everyones rlly nice and helpful nice good game 10/10 please don't be so hard on it dota 2 is hell

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