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End Time, or why Nozdormu could be this expansions final boss (X-Post /r/Warcraftlore)

wow8 - End Time, or why Nozdormu could be this expansions final boss (X-Post /r/Warcraftlore)

Apologies if this has been observed before, but otherwise I think I've found something big if true.


Jaina, Sylvanas, Baine and Tyrande have all been made into major players of this expansion in order to fulfill the end time profecy that the infinite dragonflight tried to hinder by stopping us from defeating the burning legion.

We all know that the time dragons will play some kind of role in this expansion based on the Chromie scenario and the tailoring quest. But the true extent of it has been hidden right under our noses all this time.

The End Time dungeon has 5 bosses, 4 of which that rotates. Seemingly unrelated the 4 rotating bosses all have one thing in common (except for being race leaders/ high ups): back when the dungeon released it would've been preposterous for any of them to be turned into our enemy.

Today, not so much. Jaina, Baine, Tyrande and of course Sylvanas all occupy one shrine. All of them being major players this expansion and all of them having turned to extremism in one way or another (even Baine has fallen into radicalization through his actions even though he belevies them to be for the good).

The end times is not quite yet

And this can be realized through their boss descriptions and in game dialogue.


"Spawned from shattered timeways and cloistered within the Ruby Dragonshrine, a maddened fragment of the Forsaken's leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, waits restlessly. Having lost everything and unable to find peace, this tormented echo aches for a chance to unleash her dark fury at anything still living within these barren, time-twisted wastes."

It is far from a stretch to see how Sylvanas might be on the path to this fate with a couple more defeats in her future.


Once high priestess of Elune and leader of the night elves, this time-twisted fragment of Tyrande Whisperwind now wanders the desolate future of Azeroth. Enveloped by eternal midnight, she is forever separated from the comforting light of Elune and torn by questions about why her goddess did nothing to put an end to such madness.

If we are to take all we've seen at face value the Night Warrior is a champion of Elune. But this is an old god expansion so it's less crazy to think there's some trickery here than to think this follower of the lights greatest power lies in the darkness of the light.

Dissapointment in Elune is a sentiment we've already seen from a few of her priestesses as well.

Give yourselves to the night, Elune will guide you from this mortal prison Doesn't this sound dangerously like choosing darkness for immortal powers? Not unlike what happens to Azshara?

The darkness closes in, my vision is clouded. Mother moon I can no longer see your light your daughter is *alone in the darkness Further hints that the night warrior might not be a work of Elune.

These are the two bosses I faced today but I will include the descriptions for Baine and Jaina for good measure


Enraged by his failure to protect the world and, most importantly, the Horde, this time-ravaged shade of Baine Bloodhoof lingers within the ruins of the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Although he's still as powerful as the tauren high chieftain from the present, within this shattered future Azeroth, this guilt-ridden echo is little more than a discordant vessel of unquenchable malice and anger.

Ice bitch

The tormented fragment of Ice Bitchmoore has been split and infused within the shattered pieces of her staff. To restore balance to the timeways, this echo must be defeated. However, the devastating magical power possessed by the once-proud ruler of Theramore is hardly lost to her time-havocked spectre. In this future Azeroth, she is only divided, and waiting….



We have here a dungeon from Cataclysm, the first expansion about N'zoth. 4 out of 5 of the bosses are key players in bfa, the second expansion concering N'zoth. Only the last, most important boss, is not part of this expansion in any major way.

Except of course the Chromie scenario from legion. The tailoring quest. And the fact that he has this little in game dialogue:

The "End Time," I once called this place. I had not seen, by then; I did not know. You hope to… what? Stop me, here? Change the fate I worked so tirelessly to weave?

And this

You crawl unwitting, like a blind, writhing worm, towards endless madness and despair. I have witnessed the true End Time. This? This is a blessing you simply cannot comprehend.

And this of course

Murozond yells: You know not what you have done. Aman'Thul… What I… have… seen…

But I'm not touching this one, this post is already way too long.

What we can gather from these quotes is that, if Murozond is to believed (or at least he seems to believe, since his final words were of despair and not anger), Blizzard is lying to us. This is the description for Murozond in the dungeon journal:

Now living outside of time, Murozond was once the great Dragon Aspect Nozdormu the Timeless One. After the titans showed him his own death, the tormented Nozdormu was tricked by the Old Gods into trying to subvert his mortality. As a result, Nozdormu shattered the timeways and created the infinite dragonflight… jeopardizing the very future of Azeroth.

Now why the hell would Aman'thul do something that would weaken his chosen protector of time so much that he can be tricked by their fated enemy? And if this all is about Nozdormu being scared of dying, why is he the first to shatter his immortal powers? Why is his dialogue all about stopping the real end time and not his own demise?

Could it be, that Aman'thul showed him his death at the hands of N'zoth to further invigorate him to stop the Old God by any means necessary? Is that why the infinite dragonflight keeps fighting to help the burning legion (not the old gods!) who are the most powerful enemy of the Old Gods? By stopping the Dark Portal from opening Kil'Jaedens selfish plans of hunting the Draenei wouldn't end up in the horde and alliance joining against the Legion. In Culling of Stratholme Arthas path toward the Lich King is ultimately what breaks the undead free from the control of the Legion and so forth…

Nozdormu tried to force the End Time scenario because it was a better outcome than the current scenario. At the end of the dungeon we're told the loop is closed, but something is iffy in time right now as we see through the tailoring quest. Maybe the loop has been weaved open again. Maybe all is not lost yet, and Nozdormu might still manage to save us all. Maybe, however, he will be too late and we will be too corrupted by N'zoth and therefore fulfill the Titans prophecy: Ending the lord of Time for the Old Gods.

Now to end this all off, I don't believe Blizzard planned all this back in Cata. I do however believe that Blizzard decided to form this expansion after that dungeon, starting with making Sylvanas the Horde leader and Jaina seemingly out of character rather being far from the Horde than fighting with the Kirin Tor against the Legion.

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