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[EU/NA] Gallywix Community Brutosaur Bonanza Giveaway & Transmog Contest!

wow3 - [EU/NA] Gallywix Community Brutosaur Bonanza Giveaway & Transmog Contest!


We're giving away 2 Brutosaurs, a Glacial Tidestorm Mount (Jaina Mythic), BMAH Item Vouchers, and Blizzard Store Vouchers. These are being given away on a standard giveaway, as well as a Transmog Contest with several categories. We also have a stream giveaway on May 9th with some mystery prizes, and the winners will also be announced on this stream, hosted by
anniefuchsia - [EU/NA] Gallywix Community Brutosaur Bonanza Giveaway & Transmog Contest!


Hello wow!

We're the Gallywix Community, a huge community of WoW Players all over the world who arrange boost runs for all kinds of things that WoW has to offer! For the rest of Battle for Azeroth, we're doing a host of Giveaways, namely giving away a ton of Mighty Caravan Brutosaurs!

We're back with another Giveaway! Some of you might remember our Christmas Giveaway from last year.

What is Gallywix?

Besides being the name of everyone's favourite Trade Prince, Gallywix is a Boosting/Sales Community – that means that we provide in-game carries and similar services for GOLD only. We take our legitimacy and clean record very seriously so it cannot be emphasized enough that everything we do is strictly gold only.

Gallywix' players are all from the very top-end of WoW in their respective areas. They do runs and carries for us because they enjoy playing the game and because they enjoy making gold – which they need to tackle some of the toughest content in WoW! Regardless of where the gold comes from, we ensure that all of our members get paid in GOLD ONLY on the server that they want.

Wait, what's boosting all about?

Boosting is simple – it allows you to reach milestones, rewards and content in the game that is not accessible to many players due to time and life constraints. It allows you to get the rewards of playing for many hours a day, but with much less time and effort than it would take to do it on your own.

Even if these are boost runs, you will still be participating in the runs if you want to! In these runs you get to play alongside – not beneath – some of the best players in the world at what they do. You get to go toe-to-toe on the DPS meters with players from some of the best guilds and Mythic+ Teams in the world, including World #2 Guild <Method> and World First <Complexity Limit>!

Transmog Contest Prizes

  • Reddit Giveaway: 1x TCG Mount
  • Entry: 1x Brutosaur Mount
  • 'Best in Show' Transmog: 1x Brutosaur Mount
  • Community Vote Transmog: 1x Jaina Mount
  • 'Best of the Rest' Transmog: 1M Gold Value BMAH Voucher (for use with Gallywix BMAH, possible items visible
  • Best Meme Mog: €20 / $20 Blizzard Store Item of your choice.
  • AnnieFuchsia Stream Draw: 1x MYSTERY PRIZE
  • Random Vote Draw (enter by voting in the contest): 1x MYSTERY PRIZE

How do I enter?

How is 'Best in Show' Judged?

  • Creativity, so not just a T3 set even if it is rare.
  • Cohesion, themes, matching pets and mounts help as well.
  • Background, a matching environment that forms the backdrop of your screenshot.

In other words, every little detail helps!

Rules for the Reddit Giveaway

  • Leave a top level comment in this thread before Saturday May 9th at Midnight Eastern Time.
  • Your account must be at least 30 days old.
  • Your account must have positive karma in r/wow and overall on reddit.
  • You must have some activity within the last 6 months in r/wow.
  • You will need an active subscription on either European or North American Servers.

Our Twitter and Discord

You can visit our Twitter here. And our Discord here.

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