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EU reminder/guide : there will be a perfect battle pet powerleveling day in 10 days

wow4 - EU reminder/guide : there will be a perfect battle pet powerleveling day in 10 days

pubhtml - EU reminder/guide : there will be a perfect battle pet powerleveling day in 10 days

See the schedule here.

For the EU servers, it's in 10 days from now (2020-03-13), but the next one will be in 160 days (2020-08-10).

For the US servers, the closest one is in 61 days (2020-05-03). Sorry guys.


How is that day perfect ?

Two things :

And why Squirt ?

  • On a predictable schedule
  • Unlimited battles per day
  • Fast and reliable strategies, safe for level 1 carried pets
  • High experience per battle
  • Unlimited free pet healing 2 meters away (Lio the Lioness / Serr'ah)

TL;DR : you can battle Squirt all day long at absolutely no cost for a massive amount of experience. And that's why it's usually called "Super Squirt Day". 'cause it's about Squirt the Peddler. Not porn. You weirdos.

How can I prepare for that ?

Important : with the bonus event active (+200% XP), you need 3 battles to level a pet from 1 to 25. If you have the +10% battle pet XP bonus (Safari Hat), it drops to 2 battles per level 25, and that's the lowest you can get. Don't bother with the +25% and +50% bonuses, it's still 2 battles even with everything at once, so you'd better stay with the free unlimited 10% for the same result.


Step 1 : Setup your garrison

Obvious first thing : get a level 100+ character, because you'll need a level 3 garrison with a level 1+ menagerie. See here for how to unlock it.


Step 2 : Setup your carry team

There's two strategies that are considered the best : Enchanted Broom + Boneshard, and Bronze Whelpling + Widget. The Broom/Boneshard doesn't rely on breed so it's easier to get, but the Whelpling/Widget is usually considered slightly faster. There's also a recent Infinite Hatchling + Corrupted Blood strategy that is apparently pretty safe as well. At this point it's up to you and what you already have (or can get easily).

If you're going for the Whelpling/Widget but aren't sure about your Whelpling's breed, go to its WoWHead page, pick 100% speed, and check the stats at your Whelpling's level.


If you don't have the two carry pets at level 25 : you can get one Ultimate Battle-Training Stone for free when you upgrade your garrison's hall to level 3. The quest (Alliance/Horde) is taken at your menagerie once it's level 1+, and is a simple fetch at your garrison's mine and back. It's available once per character, so if you have some alts with gold and garrison resources (or Huge Ogre Caches), you can get a "free" level-up to 25 per alt. See here for the exact cost.


Step 3 : Gather a truckload of battle pets

You sure aren't doing all that stuff to level a single bunny.

Two useful links for that :


Step 4 : Get Rematch and tdBattlePetScript

Rematch allows you to create and load pet teams automatically depending on what you're targeting, setup a leveling queue, and some other stuff. But mostly the teams and leveling queue.

tdBattlePetScript (and its Rematch plugin) allows you to create what is essentially a glorified macro for pet battles. The Rematch plugin allows you to save a macro for each team separately, that will also be loaded for maximum convenience.

Please note that tdBPS IS NOT A BOT. It's a macro. You'll still have to mash the tdBPS keybind during battle to do anything, but at least you'll only have to spam a single key and you can look at something else while the battle goes on, instead of thinking carefully about every move.

Note that the three strategies linked above (Broom/Boneshard, Whelpling/Widget, and Hatchling/Blood) have two buttons that automatically copy a Rematch import string and the tdBPS macro, so don't bother writing it yourself and just copy/paste happily.

Also if you're interested in battle pets, you might want Battle Pet BreedID. For some pets, the breed can make a massive difference (like rabbits, or the Bronze Whelpling up there).

What am I supposed to do that day ?

Go to Squirt, and crush her battle pets (and her dreams). Turn around, talk to your menagerie manager, and heal up. Go back to Squirt. Repeat until your pets are all level 25 and ready to rock. If you installed Rematch and tdBPS, feel free to watch a movie or something during the battles.

That's all. The setup is way longer than the execution, but it's absolutely worth it.

I missed the magic day but it's still the bonus event, do I have alternatives ?

A lot, but none of them are as conveniently close to free unlimited healing, or aren't as safe for level 1 pets, or aren't on a predictable schedule so you can't be sure that they'll be available during the event, or can't be fought more than once per day. Still worth it if you have lot of bandages and the required carry pets.

Here's a guide for that.

Why would I care with pet battles ?

Collecting stuff. And there's a metric truckload of pets to collect through battles.

Also it's somewhat fun and makes a nice change from grinding Magni's cocaine azerite and Wrathion's meth visions and whatnot.

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